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With some uncertainty regarding the dates of the return of world football, UEFA will have a meeting this week to chart the course for the near future. If the decision was to end the leagues as they currently are, and the title being given to the teams who are at the top, would you be in favour of that?


The Premier League is the league that would generate more controversy in case the season ended without assigning the title to the league leaders. Liverpool focused on the domestic competition this year, leading from start to finish and they’re making one of the most incredible campaigns in history.

Justice: And what if the European leagues ended right now?

With 9 rounds left to go, Liverpool has a 25 points advantage over the 2nd place and the title was impossible to be stripped away from the Reds. The controversy would be due to the European spots, since Manchester United and Chelsea were fighting point by point for the last Champions League’s spot.

Norwich’s relegation was practically certain. However, between Aston Villa, who is in 19th place, and Brighton, who’s in 15th place, the distance was only 4 points, and 5 teams were fighting to escape the two relegation spots.


This would be a difficult decision to make, because we had one of the closest editions of the German league. Differently from the other years, Bayern weren’t able to be dominant, although they’re in the lead with 55 points conquered, they were struggling to gain some distance above Dortmund, who were only 4 points behind them.

RB Leipzig had 50 points conquered while Monchengladbach had 49 points conquered and Leverkusen had 47, and these teams would close the European spots. However, they would still have some possibilities of fighting for the title, with 27 possible points still up for grabs.
The 3 relegated teams weren’t defined yet.

However, Paderborn and Werder Bremen were already 10 and 8 points away, respectively, from the first team outside of the relegation zone. On this case, I believe that the football association will try their best to have the rest of the league being played. The fight for the first positions is close like it hasn’t been in years and assigning the title to Bayern would be very complicated.


In La Liga, the eternal domestic duel between Barcelona and Real Madrid has another edition on this 2019/2020 season. Even if both teams aren’t going through amazing periods at the moment, they are still offering us a good fight for the title.

Barcelona, with 58 points conquered, are only 2 points ahead of Real Madrid. The Merengue side hasn’t won a La Liga title since the time when they still had Cristiano Ronaldo, on the 2016/2017 season. Besides that, Real Madrid has a huge disadvantage in the Champions League against City and if their elimination is confirmed, they would only have La Liga to salvage their season.

The fight for the European spots is also close. Between Sevilla, who are in 3rd place, and Atlético de Madrid, who are in 6th place, there is only a difference of 2 points. Valencia, who are 3 points behind Atlético, are still fighting for a spot. It’s already hard to assign the title to Barcelona on this situation, and the European spots are still undecided. The fight is very intense, and nobody would renounce the positions, after the leagues return.


Just like in Germany, there was a prominent team in Italy. Juventus had been leading the competition and since the 2010/2011 season, when AC Milan won the title, the “Vecchia Signora” was winning year after year, always with a large advantage.

This season, Juve has 63 points conquered, only 1 more than Lazio, who are in 2nd place. This fight should be restrained to only these two clubs, since Inter are 9 points behind the leaders. The Italian Serie A will be difficult to finish after the pandemic, since there are still 12 rounds to be played until the end.

Roma and Atalanta are fighting for the last Champions League’s spot, while Napoli and AC Milan are fighting for a spot in the Europa League qualification stage. On the bottom half of the standings, Brescia and Spal are practically on their way to the 2nd division, while Lecce is fighting against Genoa, Sampdoria, Torino and Udinese to escape that final relegation spot.


In France, PSG are once again reigning supreme, even if there are still 11 rounds to go, since they already have a 12-points advantage over the 2nd place. This is a league with stars mainly gathered on the same team and that doesn’t have a lot of domestic competitiveness. Just like in the Premier League, if the title was awarded to the leader, there wouldn’t be a lot of criticism.

Each league is on a different situation but while England and France have their situations routed, in Germany, Spain and Italy there is still a lot to be decided. I believe that UEFA will have to make an effort to readjust their schedule of this and the following seasons, so that we don’t have an asterisk next to the name of the champions of the 2019/2020 season in the future.





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