A sports legend shot a bomb earlier this week. Jon Jones, UFC’s middleweight super champion, has announced the withdrawal from the dispute for the belt maintenance, looking for new challenges in the heavyweight category.


Some names in the fighting world are sovereign at certain moments in history. Jon Jones is definitly one of them and we can put him on the top shelf of the greatest Mixed Martial Arts fighters in history.

His reign in UFC’s middleweight category started in 2011, between some starts and restarts no man could dethrone him. Today, there’s no fighter who would enter the octagon initially considered a strong opposition against “Bones”.

As Jon Jones fans would say, he plays this game on easy mode, and more and more it was getting less stimulating fighting to retain the title.

Bones has admitted that there were really a lot of disagreements with UFC owners, regarding a financial valuation. The athlete thinks he should be even better payed, due to the status he reached since he became the belt owner, and regarding the shows he’s been giving since then.

“I just hung up the phone on UFC. Today i can announce i am leaving the middleweight belt. He is officially available.”

The announcement regarding the belt abandonment may be a strategy to show the organizers how much they will lose for not having Jon Jones in the category. Technically, Bones is the best, but the question goes far beyond that and reaches a market’s point of view.

The ones who pay to watch UFC, look for more than just two random people fighting on top of an octagon. The marketing of this business is the high point of this dispute, since the revenues from an event that has on it’s main fight Jon Jones, has a lot more potential of reach than a bantamweight one.


Bones even left the possibility open of coming to terms with the franchise, but i imagine this may be a no return path, at least in the same category. The heavyweight title is something the fighter wants to try:

“The last time i talked with UFC about my salary there was no negotiation. If one day that changes i would love to come back and compete once again as a heavyweight.”

Jon Jones leaves the category with an impressive cartel. In total he had 26 victories and 1 lost, losing only by disqualification.

In UFC he won 26 times and tlost that single time, winning 10 times by knock out, 6 by finishing and 10 other times by referees decision.


It didn’t take long for both parts to reach an agreement. I would say, that from UFC’s perspective, the rush of getting a fight for Bones was a lot bigger, because in times of pandemic, the highlights are even bigger, and a main event with Jon Jones included is success for sure.

UFC and Bones are coming to terms in finding a good fight for him, these were the words from the fighter who returned to Twitter shortly after in order to make that announcement.

Bones doesn’t fight since february, has been trying ever since to get in the heavyweight category. Certainly, his condition as super favorite in every fight gows down in this scenario.

He will still have all the technique, size and opponent’s distance control. These are the points that made him reign in the lower category.

But with the weight gain process, certainly a mobility déficit will be noted.

In heavyweight, every puch is a gun shot. The ability of controlling the fight will never be the same again, he will have to be aggressive as always, while connecting accurate blow, and a lapse means kissing the ring.

I’ve got great expectations regarding this next step Jon Jones is climbing. It shows that an athlete needs to always be in search of greater challenges, and he has not hide behind a middleweight made carreer.

What he has made in the lower category is something that will not be erased, and leaving at this moment was a smart decision. No one will ever beat what Bones has accomplished there, and that will come down in history.

Now the focus is try to be the most brilliant and aggressive amongst the heavyweights, in order not to neglect his name. The sport raises a name to glory but many will forget that if Jon Jones starts getting beat up on heavyweights.

Now it’s time to wait for an opponent’s confirmation but i already advance that i’m very tempted on betting in the super champion.

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