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Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Michelle Waterson – UFC:The main event of the evening puts head-to-head the former strawweight world champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and the veteran Michelle Waterson.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Michelle Waterson Betting Tips Jedrzejczyk has a record of 15 victories and 3 losses on her career. Her 3 losses were on her last 4 fights, but all of them were against champions of their respective categories.

During her reign as champion, where she defended the belt on 5 occasions, the experienced Polish kickboxer and Muay-Thai expert used her aggressiveness and intensity to dominate her opponents in fights that were mostly one-way (although I should also highlight that despite her style Jedrezejczyk isn’t historically a fighter that’s capable of knocking out her opponents with only one strike).

But then Namajunas crossed her path and stripped her from her title emphatically via KO.

On the 3 following fights, it seemed like the Pole changed her attitude. The technique is still there, but the aggressiveness was replaced by a more patient and methodical style,

which seems to suggest that the KO she suffered maybe had a negative effect on her apparently unwavering confidence, something that isn’t rare to happen in MMA.

Jedrzejczyk never hided that simply making the weight of that category was a struggle for her, and as the years go by, those difficulties keep increasing.

During yesterday some rumours emerged from several insiders of the sport that the Polish fighter warned the UFC that she wouldn’t be able to make weight for this fight.

The rumours were already denied by the athlete but, in MMA, generally where there is smoke there is fire, and it is probably not a coincidence that the odds increased from 1.20 up to 1.35 after the news.

Waterson (17 victories and 6 losses) is a veteran that went through several organizations before reaching the UFC.
Her career is marked by some inconsistency in terms of result, losing fights where she was favoured, or having unexpected difficulties in victories that were expected to be easy.

It seems however that she has found herself again and she comes into this fight with 3 consecutive victories, where she seems to have found a way to mix her preferred tools:

her karate skills, executing kicks with her front leg without needing to switch step, something rare that is very hard to execute, and that makes her opponents be somewhat on the expectation,

which allows her to look for openings to take the fight to the ground, where her jiu-jitsu and wrestling offer her an advantage over most of the other fighters in this division.

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In MMA, everything can change in a second and whenever there are underdogs with odds above 3.50, there must be a lot of reasons to justify it. Here, I don’t think there are enough reasons. I think this fight is a lot closer than what the odds suggest. I understand and agree that Joanna must be considered favourite, but the doubts regarding how she might present herself here both mentally and physically are too many and therefore I think that Waterson is a very attractive underdog. That way, I see value on a low stakes wager on the underdog Michelle Waterson.





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