Is it possible to live exclusively from your operational and your bankroll?

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Today we will answer a question that I am sure goes through the minds of a lot of people who are seeking consistency in sports betting which is: Can I live only from my bankroll or do I need to have other functions within betting to be financially successful?


The answer to that question is YES, it is possible and many people do it. But that does not mean that the bettors who leave for other areas are not competent too, but answering the question, you can live only from your operational.

And there are many who do that. These people are anonymous and are not found on social media. They already have their work method validated and avoid entering the Internet in order not to suffer an overdose of information that can even hinder their work.

Many of these bettors started on the internet, but with time and after reaching what they wanted, they left the internet and today they are not found there anymore.

That is, if you knew someone who always participated in chats, interacted and today you don’t find him anymore, or he left the profession because he didn’t find a way, or he found that way and has no more reasons to stay there. His goal now is to work and move on.


Many operate with robots as well. They have managed to find a positive probability of entries, which in the long run gives them a profit. I’m not here to judge methods, the important thing is to be profitable and take money from the market.

Another thing I want to point out is: A big problem that people who reach operational consistency find when participating in internet groups to give evolutionary suggestions is to come across a market so polluted with false professionals.

And because of this, they are not heard and end up being compared with these people. And this causes unnecessary wear and tear. So they prefer to avoid this kind of stuff and not expose themselves so much.


But they are willing to help those in need, however in a particular way. Those who know them, know that they are open and like to talk about it.

Going back to the main theme of the article, know that the more the professional climbs the steps of consistency and gains experience in the profession, the more work proposals emerge. And also at the same time that your financial is increasing, your time is diminishing.

We have to be very careful with this, because we need to have a time to relax, as well as to take care of our family and our mind. Many times knowing how to say NO to some things is a professional act. This goes through an evaluation of what is your gaining expectation. Is it high? Is it low?


How much is needed at this moment in your life? Think about it and always work with this concept in mind. That way you will always know if what you earn is enough at that moment in your life or if you need to earn more.

This depends on the profile and the individuality of each one. Talking a little about me, I was once a much more reserved person and I was totally out of social media for 5 years.

It was a period in my life where I needed to acquire knowledge and not get involved with various ideas (good and bad) that could get in the way of my final goal, so my profile at that moment made me choose this path.

Today, with a validated work method, with experience in the business and with a line of reasoning already developed, I’m migrating a little more to the social media side with articles and content that seeks to help those who want.

My today profile asks me this, but I can assure you that if you want to stay out of the social media, you will be financially compensated as well. I know some people that nobody knows they are sports investors and earn a great salary with their bankroll.


Here comes the question: Do I need to have a very high bankroll in order to live off my operational?Β  That answer has three steps and the bankroll is the last one.

Step 1: You first need to understand what the business is, know your risks and benefits, study and then migrate to step 2.

Step 2: You need to create or learn a validated work method that gives you long-term profit possibilities. This is the moment to take operational notes and use paper betting to do it.


This is the time to make mistakes, correct, go back on what went wrong, and move on with what is going right. Don’t be in a rush. Take your time. The rush is the bettor’s greatest enemy in this moment, and makes him start the wrong way, losing money and consequently giving up.

Step 3: At this moment, the method is validated, and it’s time to work with money. Start with the minimum value of the bookmaker or work platform. And use the same method that you used on paper bet now with real money.

If the method continues with positive results, invest in your business and make financial contributions constantly. Maintain the bankroll management and recalculate your betting unit periodically.

As I mentioned in another article, nothing is certain for those who work with variable income, but this is the professional path to follow in order for you to succeed and achieve your goal of living from your own business!

I hope you enjoy the article, big hug and filter ideas!

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