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Inter vs AC Milan – Serie A : It is worth to watch this Milanese derby now that the two big teams of the city are competitive again…

And fueling their desire to achieve some relevant objectives.

Both of these teams can fight for the league title, but I’m sure that Inter, on this early stage of the season, will be more focused and have a better performance than AC Milan fighting for that objective,

while AC Milan might find on the Europa League a path to success and to improve in order to become a valid candidate for the Italian tile next season.

Luciano Spalletti’s journey in charge of Inter has been remarkable, not losing on the Serie A yet, keeping on the toes of Napoli and Juventus,

who are two teams who are still on a higher level when compared to their competition, besides a roster with a lot of solution and quality.

Inter is, at the moment, a shy team, that even when they don’t have Brozovic available, have João Mário on a central position to replace him and become the “brain” of the nerazzuri process.

AC Milan have a tougher task on their hands.

When the results don’t come, the critics and flaws always emerge but the rossoneri haven’t shown the same ability on the transfer window, although they had a worse team than their rivals and were farther from the top spots in the Serie A.

Their road will have the Europa League however, as a solution or escape, while Inter is going “all-in” on the Serie A.

Inter vs AC Milan – Betting Tip and Prediction:

On this match, Vincenzo Montella, AC Milan’s manager, has the added difficulty of having his job on the line, with the idea of getting any other result than a win resulting on him losing his job.

Making decisions with these circumstances is always a lot harder.

That’s another card for Spalletti to play with, on this match where, if Inter wins, they can rise to the top.




Inter to score first

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