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The title itself makes your mind full of thoughts before you even start reading the article. And this happens with many gamblers who start in the profession and even those who have been in the sports betting scene for some time.


Having this defined seems mandatory, but the way to reach that needed answer can be through a different path that the one you are trying to follow.

So I propose a reflection. Reminding that I am not here to define what is right or wrong. And in the course of the text, you will understand this.

So let’s talk about the doubt that many gamblers can’t define: Where should I work and what is the best option? But have you ever stopped to think which is the market that best fits your profile?

And that maybe you are not the one who should adapt to it? Starting with this thought, the conclusion will be easier and the results can be more positive.

I have already written here in previous articles that a gambler who wants to be good at everything, can’t be great at anything. The first thought should be this. From this conception, let’s go ahead:


Let’s talk about a growing market on the betting scene which is the corner market.

This market is very used by several gamblers, but let’s go back to the initial idea, knowing if it’s part of your operational profile.

Will you work on it pre game? Will you work on it live? Is there a big difference between them? What are they? All of this must be unveiled by you or someone should explain you the step by step of this market.


I believe that working pre live in the corner market is something that comes close to randomness, and consistency in the long run is very difficult to achieve. On the other way, working on it live, the follow-up, the vision of the game you should have and the betting line is another.

This way I see more consistency possibilities. However, is it part of your profile to follow the game? Do you understand that the question should always be asked when defining which is the best option?


This market meets the profile of people who work against time. Because as time goes by, your investment loses return value. In the case of the Trader, working in the Over market is working against time.

And for the Punter, the sensation is that he could have picked up a higher value, because the odds get better as time goes by. Therefore, this punter profile must fit in this working method.

In this market, the BTTS market also fits, known as both score. They have the same concept of understanding. In case you don’t bother so much with this and are able to study games with those offensive characteristics, this market is good for you.


For many it is considered the workplace for conservative people. Who are able to analyze defensive teams with higher quality and have the safest profile.

The safe profile doesn’t mean just that, but those who work in the Under market have this profile as their operational main point.

Traders usually say that if you are working in this market, you are also working in favor of time, because as time goes by, profit increases.

And for Punters, the sensation is that you made a good deal, and as time goes by, the market fall makes you realize that your investment was made in a high point of the odd purchase.

Another market that fits this profile is the BTTS NO, that is, both teams not to score. This market also fits this concept.


In my opinion this is the most used market by gamblers who work with the Asian Handicap market. Let’s say it is a mixture of profiles and very well accepted by unions and major investors.

To work in the Match Odds market is to make the punter specialize in all the characteristics of the teams, and with that it seeks to make an evaluation of the whole context of the game.


In a way, the gambler that works with this market, automatically knows a little of all the other markets. Because his line of study is much wider.

This is the profile of a gambler who seeks to have a broad understanding of the competition, and therefore mixes gamblers with safer profiles and gamblers with bolder profiles.

Of course that in order to deepen even more in each one of these markets, it is necessary to study more widely and have practical situations. Also, it is not from one day to the other that you will find out where you get better results, this requires time.


My advice is to test all markets, use notes and not money at first, and at the end of the process you will have the answer on which market to follow.

At least one season for each market is advisable, because with this you will have a good match volume to evaluate. And besides the numbers, you will pass through emotional situations, stake management and other things that will contribute to the final answer.

And after you choose which one you will follow, follow it for real! Gain experience in it and be an expert. Only after that think about migrating to another market if you see the need.
So that’s it, guys! Big hug, I hope you like it and filter ideas.

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