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There are several types of handicaps that the professional bettors tend to look for on the bookmakers. Situations where the same market offers different odds, because even if they have different names, they end up being exactly the same thing. Today we are speaking about the European Handicap, that is different from the Asian handicap.

What is European handicap?

On this case, there is a difference, but many inattentive bettors end up losing themselves on this confusion between Asian and European handicaps. On this text, I explain some of the differences and how to utilize the odds of this market in the best possible way.

Firstly, we should understand what does handicap mean. The Handicap is an advantage that is given to a certain team, athlete or opponent in general, on a head-to-head, in order for the dispute to be more balanced.

Example: Real Madrid –1 @1.70 | Draw +1 @4.30| Levante +1 @4.25 on 1XBet

We see that Real Madrid still have very inferior odds to Levante, but in this case, the handicap was a tool utilize to balance this scenario. For this situation, at the end of the match, Levante would have 1 goal added to their score, and then the result of the match would be settled.

• Real Madrid –1: Real Madrid is forced to win by at least 2 goals, since 1 goal will be subtracted from their final score.

• Draw +1: On this case, the match would have to finish exactly by the goals’ margin that the line suggests in favour of the favourites, which means, Real Madrid would have to win exactly by 1 goal.

• Levante +1: Here it is easier to understand. Levante would have 1 goal added to their score at the end of the match, and in this case, they would have to at least draw the match in order for this selection to be a winning one.

european handicap 1xbet

The difference from this European handicap to the Asian handicap is that on the Asian one, this market would only have 2 options, giving a victory for Real Madrid or Levante, without the option of the draw.

The differences on the odds are also significative, depending on the bookmaker and also the teams involved. Generally, the Asian odds tend to have a slight superiority, on most bookmakers.

Is it worth it to bet on European handicap lines?

I’ve been commenting around here that I always look for value in my bets and also something that offers me some safety on my bet. It is necessary to be said that we won’t always be able to get involved on a match that theoretically offers less risk.

Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to take some risks. However, I don’t look to get that involved on the European handicap lines, because they don’t offer any kind of safety that the Asian line can give.

In more specific situations we might take the quarter Asian line, protecting our stake partially. If that’s not possible, we try to take the biggest odd between those lines, when the same thing is required for our selection to win.

Example on Bet365:

Asian line: Real Madrid -1.5
European line: Real Madrid -1

european handicap bet365

On this example, the demanded requirement is that Real Madrid wins by at least 2 goals in both cases. However, I have the possibility of betting on the higher odds, that offer me more value.

We won’t always be able to find bets that put us in a completely comfortable situation. However, analysing the difference between odds for the same market can make all the difference.

I don’t really like this kind of bet, because generally it loses a lot of value in play, since the bookmakers that offer Asian lines are very dynamic when it comes to the odds’ movement in play and end up providing us better options in other markets.

In case there aren’t Asian handicap options on the bookmaker in question, we should look for a less risky situation. I should also remind that besides goals’ handicap, we can also have handicap on corners, fouls, cards, etc., everything following the process I’ve explained above.

The big problem for this kind of line is that it ends up demanding a lot from the favourites.

In this case, you should analyse to check on the recent data from the two teams, their need to win and if they need to win comfortably by a large margin.

I’ve been highlighting that I like to look for less risky options but that is not a rule, only a personal strategy. Each bettor has its own style and that doesn’t mean there is only one right way to bet.

How to Make Money Betting Without Risk… or Not?

The most important thing is knowing where you’re investing your money and how the situation is necessary for the team or athlete.

There are various betting options, and so many markets that we sometimes are lost making empty bets, without any analysis.

Each penny you invest has to be valued, to avoid making unnecessary bets, because the more bets you make, the more likely you are to be at a loss in the end.

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