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When starting our journey on this world of sports betting, we always look for that “safe” bet. Well, there isn’t a 100% safe or infallible bet. We have tools to lower our risk, and one of them is the DNB or Draw No Bet. Below are some explanations about this market, and a personal opinion on the topic.

What is the DNB or Draw No Bet in sports betting?

The abbreviation DNB comes from the English language and means Draw No Bet. The name is already very explanatory, but let’s try to give an example of this market in some hypothetical situations.

The DNB ends up being a selection that eliminates the option of the draw, as if it was a 0.0 Asian Handicap. With this option we end up trying to find a less risky bet, especially in football, where the draw ends up being a problem in matches where there is a theoretical favourite.

• Examples:
Germany 2.00 | Draw 3.90 | Netherlands 3.75 on 1XBet
This encounter is for the EURO 2020 Qualifiers, with Germany having some favouritism but not exaggerated.

Let’s now see how the odds with DNB look like:

Germany 1.44 | Netherlands 2.62

We see here that Germany’s victory, excluding the option of the draw, drops the odds for the hosts considerably. As for the Netherlands, their odds also dropped a lot, but it is still a “big odd”.

When we eliminate the draw, we end up excluding the selection that tends to most commonly ruin the analysis of a winner in a certain match.

dnb ingles 2

In matches where the trend suggests that we have two more balanced teams, generally the odds for the draw are lower, and consequently, the DNB option ends up offering more similar odds for both sides.

• Example:

Botafogo 2.87 | Draw 3.20 | Atlético-MG 2.50 on Bet365

This is a match of the Brazilian Serie A and we can clearly see more balance between the odds.

Firstly, because Botafogo isn’t one of the best teams in the league, but also because Atlético-MG is a team that doesn’t inspire that much confidence, despite being better.

And the home advantage helps the worst team, which means in this case there is a higher probability for the match to end on a draw, if we compare to other matches. Now see what happens with the DNB:


Botafogo 2.05 | Atlético-MG 1.80

The odds with DNB tend to be “fairer” on these cases. With two teams that are balanced: in this case, Atlético is slightly better in terms of quality, but Botafogo has the advantage of playing at home.

How does DNB work in accumulators?

We always have those bettors that want to get rich quickly and have an almost uncontrollable desire of creating accumulators with very high odds.

For those that try to create those kinds of bets with some DNB options amongst them, I should remind that:

• When we combine selections, the odds are multiplied taking the individual odds of our selections. When the selection we chose has the DNB option, and the match ends on a draw, the selection is void and “excluded” from our accumulator.

That means, it is like it was never added, and the accumulator is still valid, however, with lower odds.

Is it worth it to bet with DNB?

On the article I’ve written about Asian Handicap, I wrote about the importance of choosing “safer” bets on some occasions.

As I’ve mentioned previously, there isn’t an infallible method, or a 100% safe bet. However, the DNB helps us taking less risks on some cases.

In my opinion, they key point of this discussion is finding value in some bet. You should never think about taking a DNB line with ridiculous odds of 1.10 on the bookmakers for example.

I’ve seen a lot of bankrolls go down the drain with this sort of atrocity, because people compromise almost the entirety of their bankroll, to try and get a small profit with insignificant odds, looking for that “bet that can never lose”. We’ll repeat once again: There is no 100% safe bet.

Is it worth it to bet with DNB?

With that said, I’ll mention what I think is important. I will use the two examples I gave above.

I see that on that Germany match, the hosts are superior, having a strong advantage at home, and that is a big or decisive match.

The trend suggests that it is a difficult match, but with a much higher win probability for the hosts. In that case, I would bet on Germany and slightly increase my stake.

As for the example of Botafogo, there are some aspects to be analysed

Firstly, it is only 1 match from a long league. Sometimes the teams don’t’ have the same motivation. On this case, I check for absences, the strength of the home side playing at home, objectives within the competition and if they can be achieved on that match.

I also look at the teams’ recent records, at home and away from home, and how they performed against teams of quality similar to their opposition.

On this example, these are two odds with a lot of value, and depending on your analysis, each of the two choices would be justified.

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