How to survive the Covid-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic

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Firstly, there are more difficult wars! It is true that this Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic, is a silent killer that has stopped the world and put us all in quarantine but think that, if we follow the rules, it is not another war like the world wars. It’s staying at home, with internet access, TV, food, water and light.


Is it hard? I’m sure it is. Will it make us value the simple things a lot more? Yeah. Realizing that you must be losing your mind by now, here are some tips to follow.

1 – A period like this, where the world forces us to stop and look inwards, serves for us to set goals for what we want for short, medium and long term in areas such as health, work, relationships and hobbies. Once established, it is important to sign a contract of commitment so that we have something to remember what we had determined.

2 – In a world that is increasingly more accelerated and busier, we must stop and take 15 minutes for ourselves.
Whether it is during the bath, or in a moment of meditation, what matters is to look inside. Close your eyes and feel the pulse of your own body.

We need to listen to ourselves because we are often afraid of what we will find. But it is by meditating that we can focus on ourselves and find the tranquility necessary to look at the world with a renewed look.

3 – How many times do we say that we don’t have time to read, watch movies or listen to music because we have the natural obligations of adult life?Whether it is alone or with a family, this is a good time to return to moments of culture, to cultivate ourselves, because only in this way can we learn from the content that is produced.

4- At a time where we do not have the concern of work, how about stimulating the capacity of learning that we let lazy?
With the wonderful world of the internet and websites like coursera (or others), we can take online courses where we learn a new language, an instrument or even about subjects related to our professional area. Being at home is no longer a synonymous of not having teachers available.


And in order to make the best of it, how about strengthening family ties with games and activities together? Mime games, dominoes, cards, puzzles built in groups, everything is legitimate to create positive memories to remember later.

As for the others who are alone at home, there is no excuse anymore. Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, TeamSpeak, everything brings us closer through calls and video calls. Take the opportunity to find out how the family and friends you haven’t talked to in a long time are doing.

6 – It’s never too late to discover a hobby or talent.Most of us don’t have a great talent for drawing or painting, but it’s always fun to try and stimulate a part of our brain that is usually blocked or censored: creativity. People are at home! No one will judge. Let your imagination run wild.

7 – Just like painting and drawing, writing is an activity that we have been forgetting. Which is bad even for our fine motor skills and motor coordination. Take the risk of writing letters to friends or describing a trip or a film critic or your biography or even writing a novel. Who knows if you won’t discover a hidden literary talent?



It may seem more like a punishment than an occupation, but cleaning and tidying up the house can be a good metaphor for tidying up your ideas. It is true that there is nothing glamorous about cleaning toilets and vacuuming, but I can also tell you that, at the end, the feeling of duty fulfilled and order will give you tremendous pride and satisfaction.

9 – Continuing the saga of tidying up, do you really need all the clothes that are piling up in your closets and garage? It seems to me that this is the best time to do this sorting that is so often postponed. And with two advantages: it will gain you space and, if you offer it to an institution, it will probably be used by someone who needs it more.

And that altruism will be far more precious than a piece of clothing we haven’t worn for 10 years.

10 – We live in an era of too much information and very little knowledge. And these days we have been flooded with news, fake news, confirmations, denials, etc. Save yourself from that. Just watch the main news, to be aware of the facts that are confirmed and not speculations that only affect our mental sanity.


Despite the changes, try not to abandon your bedtimes, as well as the times where you get up and eat. It is important to return to normality. Eventually, take the opportunity to have more light meals throughout the day and the main meals as a moment of fraternization and communion.

12 – Cooking can be therapeutic! And a family activity. If we are living on a time when it may not be possible to have big dinners, it may be a time when the creativity of trying out new foods and flavours leads us into discovering different things.Trying new gastronomic cultures or healthier foods can be the beginning of a new diet. Dare to experiment and you can even organize a family Masterchef contest.

13 – Just like our physical home, it is also important to clean and organize our virtual home. This can be a good time to organize your mail and social networks. Whether it’s organizing your emails by folders, removing some images or even removing unwanted people, the truth is that it’s also important for the way the virtual world sees us to be as real and true as possible. Remember that more and more social networks are the first impression that other people have of us.


Movies like “Life is beautiful” are still a milestone for our generation. Living during a terrible period in history can be mitigated if our vision is as positive as possible.

We have been flooded with comedy on social networks by people who refuse to see only tragedy. Comedy is one of the best anesthetics there is. Receive and spread it around you, whether with is through jokes, memes, videos, etc.

15- Please be happy! It may seem the oddest advice because we take it for granted that we want to be happy. The truth is, we’ve forgotten. We let life run and we don’t give the real importance to something we only have one opportunity for. We let it get tangled up in our daily lives and we just survive.

Let this quarantine time be more than that. Let it be the break we needed to LIVE better in the future. A psychologist doesn’t change anyone who doesn’t want to be changed. May this advice from me be only the guide to a change that must be individual.

At this point it may not seem like it, but this will pass. And when the world goes back to normal, we have to be different and better people.

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