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Before anything, I have to mention that in order to sell your tips and predictions, you need to be successful in sports betting. Obviously, you shouldn’t be in this universe for just a couple of days, you should already have solid experience.

Today we will help those that want to sell their tips and predictions

Showing confidence and showing that you’ve already been through a lot in sports betting is a good sign for those that are buying your betting tips, so that they can trust you. Obviously, having a certified and solid betting record and with a large sample size is another great asset you can offer.

How to sell picks and predictions

Websites like Blogabet and some other similar ones, can and should be one of your work tools when making a betting track record. This record is your track record, your curriculum in online betting. Here, your potential customers might figure out what you’re worth, and whether you’re successful or not, even on bad runs.

A bettor that wants to sell his bets has to firstly worry about these very important aspects I’ve mentioned here previously.

A track record is essential, preferably with a large sample size and with a good hit rate.

A good win rate and an even better ROI. These are the requirements of those who buy, to be able to decide if the investment on your picks can be profitable or not.

I’d bring your attention to the fact that, if you’re selling your bets, you shouldn’t ask for a lot of money. Think about the average of what is being charged in the business, and don’t try to charge more than the others. If you’re in this world for a short period of time and if the context of client/bettor is still forming, don’t charge too much, let the relationship form and then yes, with a proven track record, you can increase your price/payment plan for your service.


The ones that follow you and like your work will advertise your service, don’t worry. If you treat your clients well, obviously they will recommend you and your service one way or the other to other people.

Therefore, you should base your relationship on long term trust, and sooner or later you will reap even more benefits from your work and that relationship you’ve established with your clients.

Now leaving the more macroeconomic side of this subject to the side, let’s focus a bit more on what you might do to accomplish it.

I start off by advising you to use social media, because obviously it “boosts” your work, and you can also establish the relationship with your customer in a closer way at an initial stage.

Then I’d also say that having a dedicated website might also be a good option for you, but it already brings some additional costs and obviously it will have to depend on what you want to do on that same website in the future.
Some websites already offer payment methods and a customers’ database, and on this case, it will save you time, but the customer/tipster relationship will be far from ideal.

I’d say that the creation of a website for this purpose, can be something to do in the future in terms of selling picks.When you are already established in this world, and with that you might even be more open to offer a bit more to your clients.


A cheaper option is for you to utilize several platforms. For example, as I’ve mentioned already, on Blogabet you can sell your picks. Don’t forget that the platform always charges its commissions and you might be punished for that. You don’t have a lot of margin to negotiate the prices, offer promotions, whatever, but you will have a huge set of potential clients without having to invest a lot on advertising or such.

These platforms charge fees because they also do all the validation work for you, which also brings you a good relationship of trust with your customers and future clients. On these platforms, the tipster that sells his tips is protected with the issue of “deceiving” or trying to fool potential buyers.

These platforms have ways of being on top of everything and even forbidding you of making certain bets, so that buyers don’t feel deceived.

With the platform being a middleman, whether we like it or not, they also have a big image to defend and they don’t allow people to fake their records.

This might be a good starting option for people who want to sell their bets and aren’t very comfortable in doing so. It is not a coincidence that services like this are widespread and are appearing like mushrooms on the internet.
Every bettor dreams about this moment, of having a service where they can sell their picks and with that secure some extra income besides sports betting.

One thing is certain: the hardest job will be gaining credibility because as I’ve mentioned above, there are a lot of people with that desire. To be different, let’s say bet on exquisite markets, on difficult leagues and being good at it, might give you a certain “edge” over the others.

Selling bets on leagues where nobody else does, or knows, even with small liquidity might be interesting for many of your future clients or even some betting syndicates. Sports betting have this natural draw: what is different catches our attention and if you are different, I’m sure that your work will stand out amongst the rest.


I’d also say that there isn’t a lot to “explore” on online betting, but we are going through a good period in sports betting and with that improve and bring more value, I’m sure you will have even more clients. I also wanted to mention that selling your picks might bring a huge emotional fatigue, and added responsibility, because you can’t forget that your actions might be destroying big bankrolls on the other side.

Being consistent, responsible, has to come from you, because you also have to struggle with yourself and surpass yourself on that chapter. You also need to keep in mind that you will have to renounce some things, it’s important to be aware of that, because the people that pay you want to receive tips, and a lot of times you will have to postpone that trip, or that dinner, because you have to work/study your picks.

I’d say that if you organize and control things well, you can do anything, but I’m also aware that a lot of the weeks will be exhausting, with a lot of competitions taking place at the same time. Or when there are a lot of competitions being played on a short period of time. It happens, for example, when there are midweek rounds and then at the start of the season.

Selling your picks isn’t an easy task, it might seem like it, but it isn’t. Being available for this job really has to come from you and your own desire.

Knowing what you’re getting into is crucial, if you aren’t sure or you don’t know, don’t do it. Why?

Simple, because your name can be associated with that, to lack of success, and a day later, when you think you’re ready, you might have to fight twice as hard to prove your talent. Keep this in mind, getting off to a poor start and then giving up, and one day returning, can be your Achilles heel.

Be aware if you really want to sell your picks and if you want to, just focus completely on that project and be ready, because as I’ve said previously, it won’t be easy. I’d also like to tell you that your success will be another man’s benefit and always think of that aspect as your baseline strategy. If you’re being successful, others are as well and that can bring you more profit.

Utilize ethics, use it at will, and respect your clients, because the market is rough and there are a lot of people who, after a lost bet or a poor run, end up joining the other side/service.

profissionais inside

Be aware that many people want this as well and they might also offer value, so be competent and aware of your difficulties.

Think very hard before coming into this world, be aware of how you will work and who you won’t work with. I’m speaking about platforms, Facebook groups or in professional bettors.

Think that your name is behind that lost bet, but it is also behind that extraordinary bet that you’ve suggested with super attractive and amazing odds. As a conclusion, think very hard about what you’re doing and if you come into this universe, be prepared and gather information.

Your success is closely related with the satisfaction levels of your customer and word of mouth. You should also focus on making a plan of what you’ll be doing during your bets, always try to be ahead of the curve and obviously, you should always have a plan B.

This article is a bit more targeted for those that want to sell their tips. It was written as a baseline, just about the customer/tipster client and also offer you several methods you can utilize to earn money with sports betting.

Final Tip
Be wise, dynamic and you’ll see that a lot of work and responsibility, you might secure that extra income, but let’s not forget that it won’t be easy for them to fight against the competition, if we can call it that.





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