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More an article looking to fill the gaps of a “newbie” bettor in this new world of online betting.

This time, we came to try explaining to you or even helping, like the Tipsters of do.

The theme is really interesting, like picking and studying the games where to bet! We looked for an user, Ricardo Matos, who made a point of responding and participating in this article in search of clarification aimed at new players.

Ricardo, how do you prepare a betting weekend?

First of all, thanks for the invitation, and I hope to be able to elucidate everyone with my experience and with my words! Now, answering the question. Simple and directly, my bets for a weekend, are consequences of the past weekend.

I explain:

Who listens to me at Friday Podcast for example, must have noticed that some teams are recurrent in my bets. In fact it’s a big truth, I direct the biggest part of my bets to one determined team/league during some time.

I only give up looking for value in those teams in case something happens, like a disastrous game before or casualties in the team, but even then you can search for value in the opposing team. Since the “know” here is in the team that we keep following.

In this field is essential that we follow the entire league, like results and watching some highlights, at least about how they managed to score the goals, for example. For those who bet in over’s it is important to see this question. Simplifying, it’s simple, for example, Everton.

Team that I have been following in the England Premier League and that has given me some good results in the bets I make. Since earliest, better, since I saw an Everton game for the first time I have been alerting everyone who listens to us for this team.

Still this weekend, against Boro, another GREAT win, even after starting the game losing. Who heard me in the Podcast for example, knows that I even said that Boro could score, but in the end who would take the 3 points would be Everton.

Here is a little example of what I do, I follow some teams and in consequence to that some championships. I am very attentive to what’s going on in England, Portugal and France.

What is more important for you in the decision of your bet?

A question with mousetrap, as an ADMIN I am obliged to say that everything is important. But I’m franc, sometimes we don’t have time neither capacity to “study” everything about a certain match. When I prepare my bets what I do is try to absorb all the information that I have available.

After one analysis, I would say that I also join my experience, I add “my odds” and in the end I see if the bookies market is accompanying my idea (bet) for the game. If it is accompanying I go with all the confidence. Otherwise, I’m sincere, I retract most of the times in confidence and at the same time I lower the stake.

But many times I go with everything and against everything and everyone. When I feel “revolted” against the market and the other ideas, I’m stubborn and I keep my idea until the end. Because if I change my idea and in the end of the 90’ I was right, I get “crazy”. But being short and thick, the most important to me is the confidence that I feel in my idea for the match, I try not to run from it.

Any advice for the new bettors, about how to study the games?

I would say that to me there’s nothing better than watch the games. We know it’s hard, but if we are in the online betting world, and mainly betting in football, we have to like this sport. I would say that it is important to watch our teams, the ones that we keep following, as I said before. Because we can get a clear idea about what that team is capable to do or not.

Note that by watching “your” team, you are consequently watching the opponent team, right?

Then you can in few fixtures have a general vision about how almost every team is playing. I advise who is starting to just follow one specific league. Make a triage about everything that is matches, teams, tables and news. Being day by day aware of every move of the teams in that league. Believe that your Know How increases by 100%.

To finish, Ricardo, what are the leagues that you advise to new bettors?

Each one must feel comfortable in what they like more, I don’t advise anyone to like the French League, just because it has good odds and I like it. I advise that for a start, to dominate at least the written press language, and then run from a complicated league, mainly those in which we never know who is going to win.

It seems difficult, but I believe that with this help, the bettors focus their attention in only just one league and will keep an eye in every team.

I advise the Liga NOS, by the language, La Liga, and lastly the Premier League. The last one also requires some extra study, because it is one the most unpredictable leagues in the world, and a little while ago, the United, trained by Mourinho lost with Watford. For what that is worth.

Thank you Ricardo, and we hope that with this first hand testimony we have been able to answer all your doubts about this theme. We invite everyone that if after reading this article still has doubts, feel free to ask your questions here or to the interviewee mentioned in this article.

May your next bet, be a WonBet

Good luck!

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