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This theme will be the most important to any bettor

We try once again to bring this theme and this article, so that together with our specialists and experienced bettors, we can in some way help you in this sports betting true dilemma.

We know that not everything is roses, and that even with some winning bets, there will be at any moment a series of losing bets in a row. But here lies the question, what to do?

How to get out of this negative spiral? For the inverse situations there are numerous articles, comments and opinions, but are few those who reveal how to get out of a recessive spiral.

We asked, once again to Ricardo Matos, that if he has already passed through a similar situation, what was his attitude facing this fact and how to overcome it. We leave here is report, in search of the share of this bettor, can transmit some of the best tips and ways to get out of a negative recession of lost bets.

Good fellow, what a delicate matter that struck me today!

If I had the formula, I’m certain I would be somewhere in the Financial Ministry of my country. Getting out of a recession is very complicated, but I have to inform you that we have countries that risked and got out of it. In betting it’s the same, we have those bettors that quickly get out of this negative spiral, others take longer.

I think and share with everyone the same opinion, we have all passed through this. It’s difficult, it becomes desperate, and we even start to think… Why do I keep betting!?

Now I talk about my experience, and share it with you. Yes, I also go through these situations, and it is more common than you think. I follow some of my most basic ideas when you fail too much, meaning that something is wrong and I try to find what!

What is wrong?

This is the first question I make to myself. I ask myself if I changed strategy, if I changed my way to analyze the games, if I risked too much, if I am too confident and if it’s just not facts outside of the game that made me enter this recessive wave.

It’s normal that when we hit a lot of greens, we become more confident and that can bring some beautiful reds next. In the case that’s your case, moderate yourselves and be aware of this factor. I can say that this for ME will be the main factor that contributes to a good series of reds in a row.

If you ask yourselves the same questions, and if you found the answer, you found your error. I believe that you will quickly go back to winning bets.

In case you have “adjusted” this situation, and still, you aren’t managing to get back to greens, try to discover what can be influencing you. And here my friends, even your emotional state can influence you. Being more depressed, sad, with attention deficit, can influence your way to study the games and bet.

When this is not the case, try to analyze what went wrong in all those games that made you lose all the bets.

External factors!

Any red card in the match? The starting 11 wasn’t what you were expecting at all? Aren’t you betting wrong (sometimes happens) we don’t even look, many times in the bookies the (example, over 2.5) is in that place, but that time it’s the under 2.5.

The bookmakers have that custom a lot, and in “live” is where we can see that the place of the bets change frequently. Mainly with the entry and exit of some markets. Pay attention to this detail as it sometimes happens (have more attention).

If after all this, you are still losing bets… STOP! Go for a walk, forget the bets. Go outside, go to the cinema, do what you like the most. And after that, with your head in place, return and analyze everything that was discussed above.

Minimize losses!

To finalize, many bettors try to minimize losses, but sometimes that “minimize” can destroy your bank. Being always betting after the prejudice can make you bankrupt. Imagine that you to pay that red in the next bet you bet the double. NEVER! Try to maintain your method, risk less, diminish your stake.

Mainly start to adopt a defensive posture in the next bets. When you and those who follow us in our Podcast, Tuesday and Fridays, you usually hear… “Last emission went wrong, I’m afraid to bet here and there (…) “I’m afraid in this Serie B” meaning we are adjusting and putting a more defensive posture in our bets.

Dear bettors, there is nothing wrong with adopting a defensive posture, on the contrary in case of possible loss, the loss will be less, right?

I hope that a passage through this type of situations be the fleetest as possible, and I hope that with these tips, or rather, with my postures before a negative series, elucidates you to have a more winning posture even when losing.

Good luck and I hope I have been helpful! Good bets!

Once again, we brought here a real statement of someone that you can accompany yourselves in our Inside.Bet Portal.

We hope that once again we have helped you with this article and that you can quickly get out in a negative situation.

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