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Today I bring you more of a personal opinion article rather than technical, but I think I will have a bit of both concepts here. Today the idea is talking about the bookmakers, what they do, what ways they have to “trick us” (mind games) and force us to do something we didn’t want to do.

As we know, and I’ll explain now, a bookmaker should always be seen as a company, which means they just care about making money, because let’s not forget that they also have employees.Those employees need to get paid at the end of the month, as well as the entire administrative structure of the bookmaker itself.

How to deal with the mind games of the bookmakers: are we clear?

This has to be your principle from now on, this is where you should start seeing things this way, in this fashion.

The bookmakers don’t want to lose money, they are fighting every day in order to avoid that, and I’d say that, overall, they win more than they pay you! Right?

With that said, I’ll develop the concept that I bring you here today: the mind games that the bookmakers utilize to force us to lose more than we win!

Should we start? Bonuses and free bets

Many considered this an advantage, but I think it’s a scam! Going after a bonus is dealing with one of the strongest offers provided by the bookmakers.

Trying to win a bonus, with those rollovers and the minimum odds is laughable, because it forces us to bet in that fashion and on those markets.

But chill, a lot of people can do it, I know a lot of bettors that love the 1xbet Friday bonuses and manage to “make a profit” with those bonuses!

Bonuses are something we are bombarded with by the European bookmakers, which are the ones that most commonly utilize this concept.

Let’s not forget that not everything is an offer, and when it seems too good to be true, we should ALWAYS be suspicious, reading the T&C of that bonus well.

Odds’ manipulation!

This is a serious matter that should be addressed carefully, because it speaks about technical aspects of sports betting. To understand this concept, we should understand a little bit of how to understand and build our own Fair Lines, and Insidebet has a whole article on this topic!

Well, let’s explain this manipulation, that at first sight sounds like something illegal, but that isn’t.

As you know, the bookmakers have ultra-developed systems to obtain odds, that analyse every detail on an algorithm and that sets the odds that we see on their sites.

Obviously, the odds are always verified by an oddsmaker, especially on the most sought-after markets, such as the Premier League and the Champions League.

There are certain matches in specific, where the odds might seem like they have value, even with our fair line confirming it, but when we see the odds are very high, we immediately get into the game. But… there’s always a but.


At the end of the match, we actually see that the odds were fair, because that market was correctly priced, and the value was actually on the other side.

Now, there’s confusion, right? So, we saw value, but the value was on the other side? Yes!

Pay attention: the bookmakers knew that if they put those odds like that, we would “take” the bait that was laid by them.

Because they knew, that the match would go on a different direction than that. So that served as “bait” for the newer bettors of the online world, so that they could enter the market and leave their money there.

Normally, when the odds are actually maladjusted, we think for ourselves, and reinforce our stake, except those that utilize flat stakes obviously.

The “old saying” that I’ve mentioned up there on the bonuses’ topic maintains… “when things seem too good to be true, you should be suspicious”!

Try to understand if you’re really right, and even seeing a lot of entrances, the odds don’t move, observe this detail, because the bookmakers don’t let the odds drop too much, because they want all of us to continue finding value and more bettors to get in the market as well.

Dangerous, right?

True, but those behaviours are odd, and you should be suspicious because if the odds offer that much value and aren’t going down, think about why that is happening! This is only a small example of the mind games that the bookmakers utilize against us!

Our main problem when we utilize the bookmakers, is that we never know the betting volume and the money available in each market. This problem actually becomes an added difficulty for us.

Without knowing the volume and the money available in order to find out if the odds were supposed to have dropped more or not, that leaves us only with our suspicions!

Fellow bettors, this is why I say that betting is becoming harder and harder. Why? Because I see this kind of strategy to fool us all being more commonly utilized! There are some platforms such as betting brokers, where you can see, as well as in trading, the bets made and the betting volume, but in a very vague way, nothing more.

Still related to this topic, but something more complex to explain, the European bookmakers utilize the Asian ones to protect themselves as well!


I’ll explain: The European bookmakers, whenever they make any mistake and know they can lose a lot of money on a certain event, they go to the Asian bookmakers and put their investment on that market, on the opposite side, because the odds are always higher and they manage to compensate or see their losses being minimized.

Complicated? Yes, I know. Let’s stay that they utilize manual cashout with the volume of all their bets, and that they close their position in the Asian market, manually.

Did I do it? It is complicated I know, but if you have any doubt, we are here to help, so comment on this article if you have any doubt or in any of our social networks and ask us live, I will be glad to answer those same questions.

Basically, when we are thinking that we have spotted value, we are being completely tricked by the bookmakers. Because they know something that we don’t know or will only find out after the end of the match. I’ll advise you here: forget the concept of “friendship” between you and the bookmakers: the fight is daily and difficult.

They want to see you win as well as themselves! Right?

With these two main notions, one that the bookmakers aren’t our friends and that they are purely a company, which means we can “look” to the market in a different way, and the way they are when operating with us!

Well now I’m tackling another topic – the famous cash out!

Cash Out is utilized by many and heavily sought after as well, for people to close their bets, in order to avoid something that might change the match. A lot of bettors utilize it to minimize their losses and of course protect their own stakes from their entrances.

I draw attention to the fact that, when used correctly, it is a good tool, but it is not ideal!

Cash Out NEVER serves to offer you anything, because in most of the scenarios, you could even win the bet, without a lot of matches only switching drastically on the final stage, but they happen, of course!

Now, think about this with me: let’s imagine that we take the “Over 2.5 Goals” with 10 Euros, and the match is 2-0. The odds are at 2.0, and then 2 goals came and the cashout of the bookmaker will offer you an amount so that you can close your bet before the match ends!

Of course that many people do that, but have you seen how much you would lose just for anticipating that kind of bet? Some Euros, just a couple of cents. But let’s do the match, imagine that instead of paying us 20 Euros, you just have to pay 15 Euros.

There are 5 Euros missing, for example, right? Those 5 Euros are the “juice” of the bookmaker and that’s something you will have to pay in order to close out earlier.


Did I mention paying? Yes, right? You almost have your bet ensured, but you can abdicate of winning 5 Euros to do it earlier. So, either you pay or you ignore! Now imagine, if you have 10 bettors doing the same as you!

If the “Over 2.5 Goals” happened, the bookmaker would have to pay 200 Euros to the bettors that got into this supermarket. Now if these bettors close the bet at 15 Euros, the house “saves” about 50 Euros, because they only paid 150 Euros, right?

I’m speaking about low values, 50 Euros, but imagine how much they could save if that result somehow happens. They are smart, right? Of course that the match can always finish 2-0 and never go anywhere else.

They’re smart right? Well, the result can be a 2-0 and never develop more, yes, it’s true, but if that trend is maintained, some bookmakers take out the cashout option and you are “trapped” to your entry!

Believe that they know how to defend themselves well and reach you so you can lose less money with these betting methods! Friend, I think

I brought here topics that you can “meditate” over the next week, and of course, write your opinions and ask us any questions you might need.

Thanks for being on that side and see you on the next exclusive InsideBet article, just for you!
Good luck!

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