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You can think that you know everything about sport, so why not try and beat a bookmaker?

The problem is, there are so many options for online bookmakers, that it can be hard to choose the ideal one for you.

Choose a bookmaker you can trust

Since you are going to trust some of your hard earned money to a bookmaker, it is important to have a certain degree of confidence on it.

This means that the bookmaker should be financially solid and capable of, if anything goes wrong, to ensure its customers. A good bookmaker treats their customers well and makes withdrawing and support easy and accessible in case there are any issues.

The bookmakers that we advertise here at InsideBet all have an excellent reputation, and you have probably heard of them before, since they are well known names in this business.

You can read more about the different bookmakers on our analysis, where we analyse some of the biggest bookmakers out there.

Minimum deposits and fees

You should always check the minimum deposit value ,and the minimum and maximum bet value.

Not everyone is affected by these limits, since they are totally opposite poles, but it is important to be aware of this limits being applied to your bets.

You should also inform yourself about the maximum amount you can win on a single bet, and also if the bookmaker charges any fee for depositing or for withdrawing.

What do you like to bet on?

You should bet on sports that you enjoy, and on those that you feel comfortable betting on. This means that you should analyse the sports or the betting options the bookmaker offers and decide if that is ideal for you or not.

This can include sports such as Horse Racing or Tennis, or obscure football leagues like the Scandinavian ones, or even on TV Shows like Big Brother. Whatever it is, if you like betting on something, make sure your bookmaker offers it.

Compare the odds

If you go out and want to buy a pair of pants, you will probably compare and check the prices in several stores, either physical or online, in order to get the best possible deal, so you should make the same when you are looking for betting odds.

If you are going to bet on Premier League matches, find the bookmaker that offers the best odds for this competition.

Bonus offers and “Freebets”

Since there are so many different bookmakers in operation, and they all want the same customers, there are several bonus and offers to lure you into signing up on a certain bookmaker. What are these bonus and “Freebets”?

To encourage people into registering and into starting to bet, a bookmaker can offer something called a free bet.

A free bet is an amount of money that the bookmaker will let you bet for free, which means, if that bet loses, it won’t cost you anything. If the bet is won, you will receive only the profit of that bet, not the amount that you placed.

For example: You receive a free bet of 10€ and you bet in an outcome with 2.00 odds, so the total return is 20€. But since you don’t get the  10€ from the free bet, you only get the 10€ of profit.

Make sure you read the Free Bets conditions carefully before you register and deposit, because they can differ from bookmaker to bookmaker.

The kind of Free Bets that companies offer varies heavily, so it is always important to read the terms and conditions.

Another way of getting a head start when you register a new account is using the Bonus offered by the bookmakers. Normally they match a percentage of your 1st deposit, sometimes it goes up to 100%, up to a certain amount, that sometimes can be a very large amount.

However, there are always different requirements to be met before you can withdraw the bonus, so you should read the conditions carefully. If the conditions seem reasonable, you can go ahead and request the bonus then.

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