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Well, this time the technical article is more of a self-assistance one regarding one of the hottest topics of the betting world lately, the betting systems.

Several bettors state that they follow their “own betting system” (…) “they don’t shy away from their system” and a lot of times, we are approached by newbies that ask us “what system is that”, “how do you build a system?”

The answer is complex and that’s why we’ll take this opportunity to explain what a system is, but even better, to help YOU build your own.

The explanation of the concept itself might be somewhat short, but a betting system is simply the way a certain bettor places his bets.

Let’s say he draws a line and he doesn’t move out of that path.

For that to happen, the bettor can’t be volatile on his bets and he has to be very methodical and cool-headed.

Explaining the concept of the system: we will not explain a betting system in specific here, because everyone has their own system that was designed and built by themselves.

We can only offer general guidelines and as we’ve mentioned, help you create your own betting system.

To start off and before anything else, those who advance onto the construction of a system should keep in mind that “it’s time to get serious”!

Explaining that somewhat strong sentence: after a bettor defines his system, he shouldn’t step away from his course. No more random bets here and there, just to try and get some profit.

NO, no more tries, now it’s time to put the plan into practice.

We just have to mention that a bettor still has some aspects to take into consideration, before drawing out his plans/conditions.

How to build a betting system: Let’s see how to do it!

We’ll explain by topics how to define yourself as a bettor:

First case: If you are a simple punter, who just places his bets and waits for the outcome

Second case: If you are a trader, things are much more complex and we could write a whole new article explaining how this applies to you, so we’ll leave that for later.

Third case: If you are a punter that corrects your positions during the game – That punter that makes his bet on a certain event and waits for the match, in order to correct his exposure if something goes wrong, to help minimize his possible loss or even maximize his potential profits.

A bettor that is good working on these two particular aspects has profits well above average. One day, we’ll write an entire article explaining this concept only.

After the bettor defines himself as one, we can then start to build our system, step by step.

Step 1

We’ve already defined ourselves, we are simple punters (example). Therefore, we are forced, for example, to prepare the matches we want to bet on well and try to minimize our mistake and do our best to expose our bankroll to a minimum.

It is important to only bet on the matches where we are fully confident that nothing will go wrong for us.

Step 2

Creating a record that backs us up and that tells us how we’re doing, in terms of performance and bankroll of course. It is good if it also tells us how and where we win more or lose more.

This helps us deciding better in the future. PS: This record should have been created since your first day as a bettor, sort of like your citizen card, or bettor ID.

Step 3

Knowing which markets we are capable of analyzing better, for example: Over/Under, Handicaps, BTTS.

Here, it would be important for the Punter to already know previously which market he performs better on.

Step 4

Choosing well and defining which leagues or competitions you are betting on.

Don’t just spread yourself across the board. It is important to define that you only bet in certain events or leagues.

We are beyond the halfway point, and you can always add more details, such as, for example, every time I bet on Nice, they lose, and every time I don’t bet on them, they win – Here you would be better off “cutting” this team off of your selections/studies.

Step 5

Defining bankroll exposure, or in other words, defining what your stakes will be, which means you could for example always used a fixed value or having two different values according to the league, teams, etc.

Here, it is up to you. You have to know yourself very well and know how to take advantage and how to win more often, utilizing the stakes in your favour.

Step 6

Once created, don’t look back – It is better if you take 1 or 2 weeks defining your system than rushing it and then noticing something is wrong.

Honestly, not all is lost if you notice that something is wrong, you just need to avoid persisting on your error. It is better to reshape or eliminate that wrong aspect that you’ve found.

Betting systems: Warnings!

This part requires a lot of attention and especially a lot of conscience, because the bettor will be tempted to go out of his way. It is important that the bettor has fixed ideas, that he is cold-headed on this decision and believes on his system until the end.

Yes, that bettor friend will have that fantastic opinion about that match and that encourages you to follow him.

That other friend that knows this and that and is sure that match will finish that way, I’M TELLING YOU!

Betting systems: Warnings!

The bettor himself will also be tempted to bet on that team that has been hot recently and who everyone is betting on, the hottest team of the moment.

Here, I should once again highlight that the bettor has to be coherent with his line of thought, with his system and his guidelines.

We give you an advice: if you think you can’t take this seriously, create an account on another bookmaker, invest some money that you don’t need there and make those bets you’re tempted to make there. Keep in mind, you should only do this as a last resort.

Your main bankroll is tied to your method, that gives you so much headaches and cold sweats. That’s the one you have to work on, that’s the one you have to worry about, because that’s where you will certainly have more funds invested, right?

As time goes by, you will see that this will be normal, you’ll be tempted, yes, but you will react normally, as if it was natural. Since you’ve trained the ability of not being influenced, you’ll deal with all of that naturally.

On this essential aspect, and after some time, you’ll see that sacrifice has made you a “wiser” bettor, more cold-hearted and rational and less emotional.

You’ll see that, as time goes by, the gains will appear, and you will definitely be thankful for all the effort you’ve made previously.

It sounds like a fairy-tale, yes, maybe, knowing that you can reap the rewards of your effort at the end, we can say that is a happy ending.

We have to be honest, this is not for everyone, because not everyone is capable of being cold-hearted, they aren’t patient enough.

But, in that case, the future will tell that they’re only casual bettors. Those that consider one day living off of online betting definitely has to go through the “purgatory” of creating your own betting system.

Before I finish, I just want to leave a quick side note. When we say that we should stick to our system until the end, yes, that’s true, but we have to be conscient and keep evaluating how we’re doing. If something is wrong, STOP IMMEDIATELY and reflect. If you need to do so, start over.

Let’s be honest, a bettor is always in constant “mutation”.
He is always learning so it’s natural that a system created on one day is already not in line with what the bettor has become. But nothing better than keep adjusting, very slightly, and introducing some changes to the system.

I’ll give a practical example: On my system, that I use, that is based on the old saying that you want to win more than you lose, I prefer to be further behind, defending myself, and with that, probably only betting on lower odds, than exposing myself too much.

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