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According to the idea of a more explanatory article, this time we’ll get our hands into the market of corner betting. On any market we should have several aspects to analyse, and on this one in specific, we have to be careful with the pre-live situations and also with what happens during the match. Below I will give some examples of this market.

What is betting on corners?

By accessing some different bookmakers, the same market is sometimes described differently. On the case of corners, it is nothing more than betting on corners, how much there will be, for who, etc.

This kind of bets can be found on several bookmakers, especially those that have Asian lines available, such as Bet365 or 1XBet, for example.

One of the most popular options is betting on how many corners there will be in the match, and from there, choose one of the specific markets. I’ll give some examples:

• Total corners in the match

On this option, the wager is based on trying to predict how many corners there will be in total on the match, between the two sides combined. In this case, the line can be Asian or European.

Asian handicap line: This one only offers you two options: Over or Under the line stipulated by the bookmaker.

Over 10.5 Corners X Under 10.5 Corners

• Total corners in the match

On this case, there is no return. The 0.5-line forces either one of the selections to be a winner.

Over 10.0 Corners x Under 10.0 Corners

Here we have the typical case where we can explore the Asian lines better, becoming a bit less exposed, and being able to have our stake returned in case the match finishes with exactly 10 corners.

European handicap line: This line ends up being less safe, because it includes the draw.

European handicap line

On the case of corners, the draw occurs if the number of corners is exactly the line set by the bookmaker. It’s worth to highlight that the odds for the “draw” are very high.

Over 10 Corners x Exactly 10 corners x Under 10 Corners

Race to “X” corners

This is a very popular live market.

It consists in betting on which team reaches the number suggested by the bookmaker first. Generally, the options are 3/5/7/9. We also have the option of who will get the first and last corner as well.

This is a very popular live market.

On this market, the teams selected are the ones that, on our analysis before the match were considered the best, and then are losing during the match, or need a comfortable victory, in case it is a knockout competition for example.

• Individual total corners and corners’ handicap

These are two other interesting options that we have on the corners market. The names are already pretty self-explanatory about how each of them works.

The individual total refers to the number of corners that each team will be able to get in the match.

As for the corners’ handicap, it is like a goals’ handicap, where you add or subtract the suggested number of corners by the line. Here’s an example:

Team A -2.5 Corners x Team B +2.5 Corners

Team A -2.5 Corners x Team B +2.5 Corners


In this case, as if they were goals, 2.5 corners are subtracted from Team A, or 2.5 corners are added to Team B.

Well, there are several kinds of bets for corners, each one of them with a specific objective. Below, I express my opinion about the market and what I take into consideration before placing a bet on it

Is it worth it to bet on corners?

Just like any other bet, I don’t believe that we can say for sure whether it is worth it to bet on X or Y market or not.

I have the opinion that to invest money into any sport, we have to at least have a theory of what will happen on that event. In the topic of corners, there are some aspects that I analyse before the match, and I leave some examples here:

Teams’ characteristics: I believe it is essential to know the bare minimum about the playstyle of the teams involved.

Those teams that tend to play down the wings, that have more aggressive full backs, that play with higher lines and very importantly, those that score a lot of goals.

Need within the context of the match: If it is a knockout tie, and one of the teams (especially the home) needs to get a good result.

If it’s a league match, the position of the teams and if the match is important for their objectives.

Recent record: It is also important to analyse the stats of both teams. Their record in recent matches, number of goals and whether they score a lot. Losses and victories, at home and away from home. And on that aspects, the statistics are helpful.

Live betting aspects: For live bets, each bettor has a different strategy. I see if there is any team in better conditions, if any team needs to get a good result.

After that, I see if it is better to bet on the total corners, individual total or what is the first team to reach a certain number of corners.

Important: I particularly don’t enjoy betting on the Under when betting on corners. I think it is a very unstable market. In case the numbers suggest the under, I prefer to stay away.

I think the objective of football is attacking, even if some teams don’t play like that.

And even in botched fashion, they can still get some corners, because the teams want to prevent conceding goals and they don’t mind giving away corners.

These are some aspects of the corners’ market. The variables are plenty and they require a lot of study. I expect these tips to be very useful, at least to serve as a baseline for each bettor to create its own strategy.

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