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We all have common goals, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, wether you have a bankroll of thousands of dollars or an initial investment from a very small bankroll. We all seek stability, obviously of results, but also emotional, and the second option is as important as difficult to achieve.


Seeking income and enjoying a good life, sponsored by some bookmakers, is the dream of 10 out of 10 bettors. We have many examples of good bettors who have a good production and ended up becoming successful, making betting their profession.

This path is long, it’s arduous, and usually the one who wants all of this, doesn’t take into account this long term maturation, and ends up burning a series of stages.

In a more cruel way, I would say, you will only learn to have a good professional management, and to stabilize your emotional control, after losing, and losing a lot.

Before this, you will delude yourself with an easy money that does not exist, you will increase the value of each bet looking for a bigger profit in less time, and the destiny is the same for everyone: total loss!

This world (of sports betting) is too stressful. Of course I also find it exciting, where each match is like a World Cup final, but there are many cons, which sometimes outweigh the pros, and we don’t notice them.

I keep talking here about analysis, study, understanding of the game. But have you ever stopped to think that even after all of this, your success still depends on the performance of others?

We never have a control of our money, or better, of the success of an investment in any event.

This is something that little by little undermines the bettor’s mind, it’s a daily stress, which as time goes by, will end up wearing down his psychological stability.

This is the biggest risk within the bets, in my understanding, when we lose the reason about our actions, and start betting by impulse.


Still in this line of emotional control, I often see some anxious people, seeking a huge income from day to night.

With this kind of thinking, they end up trying to accelerate a process that is slow, or at least well elaborated, and the tendency is for the train to leave his tracks.


We went through several phases in this trajectory of sports betting, sometimes we pick up a good sequence of winning bets, sometimes a horrible bad run, full of loss, and sometimes we stay on that losing and winning process, which takes us a little bit of bankroll each day.

This is one of the worst moments for the individual’s head. No matter how well the analysis is done, there are times when we have to deal with this agony, and keep our heads in place in order not to make a fool of ourselves.

As my own example, in the beginning of 2020 I had a very good ROI, a lot of well done analyses, a high win rate and a considerable profit at the end of January.

In the following month, a huge losing and winning process, which dragged on for almost two weeks. One day it could hit 100% right, the next 100% error, without counting the days when we win a little today and lose a little in the following one.


The analyses are being made as in the previous month, criterious, taking into account a range of variables.

Sometimes, the bet does not hit for a detail, a defeat for a point, a team that loses to another extremely weak one, in short, several factors.

All this has to be taken into consideration. It’s very difficult, when we go through a phase like this we should make an analysis about why everything isn’t working as before, or how it should work.

It is difficult because this losing and winning affects our psychological state a lot. The feeling is one of impotence, sometimes even lack of confidence for the following bets.

But when we manage to take a deep breath and review the reasons of why the bets were losing ones, we end up diminishing a little the feeling of guilt for those bets made.


What has to be done is to analyze if the reasoning line for that bet, had any sense. The game shows us if we are right or very wrong, and several times we lose by a hair’s breadth, and that means we were not very wrong.

This kind of action helps us to improve, and preserves us a little from that unstable and stressful climate which comes from betting after betting.

It sounds silly, but whoever has a weak mind, loses control easily, and then ends up losing all of his money.

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