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Today I bring you one of the most popular topics in the world of sports betting: betting syndicates. A lot of people aren’t familiar with betting syndicates, others have only heard of it, some have experienced it a bit, but not many are able to get here and especially hold on here.


I’d say that belonging to a betting syndicates is a dream, or I’d say it’s an objective that a lot of bettors dream about achieving.
Obviously other people don’t want this weight, this responsibility, because as I will explain further ahead, belonging to a betting syndicate is not an easy task.

Firstly, we will explain what a betting syndicate and we will get right into it. A betting syndicate is formed by several or even a single investor that invests money so that others can multiply it and are able to profit from that same money.

On a betting syndicate, the return obviously comes from the best made, from the profit people are able to generate from sports betting and the win percentage obviously, even going deep into the more detailed technical aspects such as ROI and Yield and hitrate.

There are platforms or websites that absorb several clients and they are obviously also looking for bettors for this effect in specific, you just have to google this question. But returning to the explanation, after finding a financier/investor, now they need a Tipster and that’s where us, bettors, some at least, come into action.

These investors or platforms, whatever they might be, are looking for good, profitable and stable bettors so that they can multiply their investment. Obviously, sometimes the amount of money invested is very high and the risk is obviously bigger, therefore choosing a tipster for this high sphere of the betting syndicates is a very difficult choice to make.

Obviously, the bigger the capital to invest, the higher the responsibility and also the confidence that we must have on the tipster in question. Keep in mind that sometimes it might not be only one Tipster, there might be more Tipsters involved on a betting syndicate.
This situation is also a reality so you can get more out of the investment, but of course, more Tipsters can also mean a higher risk.


I’d say that choosing Tipsters for a betting syndicate is scary, yes scary, that’s the right word, from what I’ve investigated before writing this article. What was said to me is that choosing a tipster is a highly difficult decision, and everything is considered, yes everything, want to know how far it goes?

If they have a girlfriend, if they’re married, if they usually drink or do drugs, how many times they go out, what they do with their free time, etc. Obviously, this Tipster must have a track record, during a large period of time, with a lot of tips and with a huge sample size.
This data has to be properly recorded and validated, especially in terms of verified odds, which means it should be tracked on reputable tracking websites.

tipsters avaliation

A large, broad and methodical record is a good foundation for betting syndicates to put an eye on some tipsters. That Tipster must also have an above average hit rate and a ROI and yield well above what’s reasonable. The Tipster will have to bet on markets with some liquidity, yes, if the investor is offering a large bankroll, that market will have to absorb the unit placed at stake.

I’ll explain better: the Tipster will have to bet on markets with liquidity, such as the Premier League or the Champions League for example, events of this sort, that normally are also a big focus for the bookmakers, because they know these events draw a huge crowd, both the best and the worst bettors of the planet.

Everything is screened, how long his bad runs last, how good he is at recovering from that bad run and how he manages his bankroll upon these difficulties.


The main question here is if he escapes the plan, if he bets impulsively or if he maintains a good track record on the right markets and in the right leagues.

I’d say that for a Tipster to belong to a betting syndicate, he must be very methodical, stable and of course offer some confidence, even on a negative moment of form, yes, because even at this level, there are negative streaks, but the Tipster should be able to surpass it with the needed tranquility and without hurting his bankroll and consecutively the bankroll of the investors of that betting syndicate.

plan artigo

The betting method, the control and bankroll management: I’d say those are the aspects that the syndicates are mostly looking for on a Tipster. Now after so many “ifs” and so many determinants, we move on to practice. A lot of these Tipsters are invited for a “test-drive” during a certain amount of time and many of them are interviewed through Skype.

I’ve had testimonials that the interviews to belong to these syndicates are much worse than job interviews these days. Now the question is, so many problems but what does the Tipster “get” out of this? Sometimes and from what I’ve heard, the Tipster wins a percentage of the profits obtained at the end of each month or week depending on the agreement made by both parties. The percentage might vary, I wasn’t able to crack or know what’s the percentage a Tipster might get out of it.


But things are easy to understand because the bigger the bankroll, the bigger the profit will be, because it is always percentage-based.
That was really the information aspect I wasn’t able to obtain to pass on to you, how much a Tipster that is on a betting Syndicate is able to receive for his work.

Something that always catches my attention and that I think can be one of the main “weapons” of the betting syndicate is that the Tipster will only receive if he is successful, which means he will depend solely on his own performance to earn more. This question is curious because the syndicate puts all the responsibility of the generated profit on the side of the Tipster, because he depends precisely on that, the profit.

Bankroll Management

They are both on the same boat and I believe that here, on this question in specific, is why both parties get along well and are aware that they both need each other. If on one hand, the Tipster needs to make a large investment to retain a higher percentage of his work, the investor also needs the Tipster to win a lot of bets, so that he also wins a lot.

There were questions I’ve placed and that weren’t answered such as: what if a Tipster wants to leave? And what if he is on a bad run? How does that work? Yes, because not all is rosy. One of the testimonials I’ve had is that a tipster can only leave a syndicate if he is on profit and giving time for the syndicate to find a different one.

Here I’d say it is somewhat similar to what we do on our jobs, when we leave, we have to give a few days’ notice to the boss so he can be able to replace the worker.


The question of “settling scores” when leaving a betting syndicate is something I wasn’t able to obtain full information about, but I believe that both parties should reach a good agreement that’s beneficial for both.I’m going to focus now on a betting syndicate as if I was there, and I’m saying it now that I wouldn’t be capable of that.

For several reasons, having this big of a responsibility on yourself isn’t easy to manage. Maybe because I don’t meet the minimum requirements, that I believe are more than valid. I don’t dedicate myself 100% to sports betting and that would be a big “problem” for a betting syndicate that could potentially be interested in me.

Market Study “Both Teams to Score”

The pressure should be huge, even when winning, and I don’t even want to imagine the bad runs, especially the long ones… Oh my god, what a stress. I think I wouldn’t be able to sleep, knowing that I’m betting with other people’s money and that it’s not going well, that would be something that would leave me uncomfortable, but as I’ve always said, it has everything to do with betting profiles and each person’s DNA.

The maturity and availability can help to solve these requirements, but one thing is for sure, there is pressure everywhere!
But continuing on the topic, here I’m just giving my opinion and not going into further detail, I’m moving on to the conclusion about this topic!


Being part of a betting syndicate is not easy, it’s something very complex, that requires a lot of availability, will and especially a lot of responsibility. I’d say that it is a double-edged sword, because we have the aspect of the money invested and the work that is put in, which is what determines the success or failure of that same investment.

I believe that there are some syndicates who are more friendly than others and there must be some extreme as well, as in everything, but I also know that this aspect will always depend on the amount of money invested by the investors on that same betting syndicate.

I’ll end this article like this, and I hope that, one way or the other, I was able to pass some of my knowledge and the results of my research on to you about betting syndicates. Good luck and see you next time!





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