The Spaniard Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic last Sunday and once again won the French Open. Nadal places himself as one of the greatest of all time!


Historically, some competitions are dominated by certain athletes or teams, either in any sport. Some specific conditions favor individual or collective play within the sport in question, and this serves to exemplify the relationship between Rafael Nadal and Roland Garros.

Nadal, who is the greatest winner of this competition, arrived as a favorite even before it began. The final against Novak Djokovic, however, although the favoritism was given to the Spaniard by experts and bookmakers, a balance was still expected during the sets.

The Spaniard had a simply impeccable performance. If before the start of the match, a Djokovic resistance was expected, this was crushed in the first set, when Nadal applied a surprising 6/0 above the world’s number one.

In this first set, Rafael Nadal had only 2 unforced errors, a great game volume and managing not only to contain the rhythm of Djoko, but also to break 3 service games from the Serb. In his turn to serve, the Spaniard still saved 3 break points, not converted by his rival.

The second set was basically the same scenario as the first. The Serbian was not managing to destabilize the Spaniard’s game, and even though he was able to confirm 2 of his service games, he ended up being broken 2 times even before the sixth game.


Nadal only maintained and closed it in 2-0, with a partial score of 6/2.

Djoko was once again broken in the third set, when the set was tied at 2-2. The title was heading to the Spanish, but in his last breath, the Serbian managed to break in the following game.

The set was kept balanced until the 11th game, when Djokovic went to the serve and was once again broken. Nadal already had his opponent psychologically destroyed, served with authority, closed the set in 7/5 and once again won Roland Garros.


The Spanish Rafael Nadal is collecting titles and records. By beating Novak Djokovic this Sunday, he won Roland Garros for the 13th time.

Nadal is considered the king of clay. With a fast and aggressive style, he ends up nullifying the high points of his opponents and simply runs them over.

This season he even complained about the temperature that the players had to face, as well as a heavier clay, however, he remained sovereign.

The records that Nadal has been collecting are truly impressive. The victory over the Serbian was the number 100 in the Spaniard’s career at Roland Garros, becoming the first tennis player in history to beat this mark.

Rafa has now 4 titles in a row at the French Open (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020). In 2016 he was not defeated, but gave up after an injury. He has now 26 consecutive wins in this Paris’ Grand Slam.

Another fantastic number is shown in the way Nadal wins his titles: this was the fourth time the tennis player won Roland Garros without losing a single set (2008 2010, 2017 and 2020).

The “bull” has only failed to win the competition 3 times since he won his first title at Roland Garros in 2005. In 2009 he lost to Robin Söderling, in 2015 Djokovic himself beat the Spanish in the quarter finals and in 2016 he left the competition.

No player in history has ever won the same competition 13 times, wether in Grand Slam, ATPs 250, 500 or Masters 1000. Nadal reached his 20th Grand Slam title, becoming, along with Roger Federer, the greatest Grand Slam champion in history.

Rafael Nadal is 5 years younger than the Swiss, and has shown a great capacity to overcome himself, even physically.


According to Nadal himself, he is still not the greatest tennis player in history. Djokovic and Roger Federer himself must also be put into this dispute, and see how their careers will go from here on. The Spaniard does not consider that numbers are enough to determine who was the greatest.

Nadal will not earn points in the ranking because he defended Roland Garros‘ title. Roger Federer is still recovering from an injury, and Djoko remains the number 1 in the world.

The tendency is that in the next few years he will overcome Federer. If the discussion goes to the technical side, it will take hours of debate, but one tendency is that the Spaniard should turn out to be the greatest champion of all history, very much due to what he does in the clay of Paris.

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