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Many of us find in the various bookmakers an option called Handicap, where within the handicaps there are 2 types. The European Handicap (EH) or result as they are also known or the Asian Handicap (AH).

First and foremost and for the ones who don’t know what an Handicap is here is a brief explanation.

An Handicap is one of the most known ways to bet that allows us to increase or decrease our exposure to risk through positive or negative lines or margins, that are added to the final result of a match.

For example, in a match between FC Porto Vs SL Benfica if we bet in Benfica +0,5 then we are saying that Benfica will either win or draw, since adding this margin to a final result favorable to the eagles or a draw then Benfica would always win.

How to identify Asian Handicaps and European Handicaps and what are the differences between them?

As said initially there are two different types of Handicaps, the Asian and European.

The easy way to identify and distinguish them is to determine within the same margin how many betting options are offered, since in the case of Asian Handicaps draw option isn’t given, that is, we only have two options to choose.

On the other side, European Handicaps have the draw option and because of that we have 3 possible options.


Just to help us to better understand the European Handicaps and utilizing the example of the image above, by betting in Vitória -1 we mean that the team will win by more than 1 goal, in draw -1 we mean that Vitória will win just by 1 goal of difference, that explains the -1 = Draw and by betting in Bragantino +1 we believe that this team can at least get a draw in this match.

Note: In European Handicaps there are no half-lines, that is, the margins are always formed by whole numbers.

In Asian Handicaps and taking advantage of the image we put above the idea is the same, but, as there are no draws, the bets that ended with a draw after adding the margin to the final result would be refunded.

That is, if Vitória would win the match by 1 goal of difference, both Vitória -1 and Bragantino +1 would end in a draw, meaning the bets done would be refunded.

The Asian Handicaps are more complex because a single bet can contain 2 types of Asian Handicaps incorporated: Sporting (-0,25AH) Vs Benfica).

If you bet on Sporting, half of your money will be bet on Sporting (0 AH) and half of the money on Sporting (-0,5 AH). Basically if you bet 50€ you have 25€ on Sporting (0 AH) and 25€ on Sporting (-0,5 AH).

If Sporting wins the game you win 2 bets. If the game ends with a draw you lose the -0.5 AH bet and you get the money invested in the other back. If Benfica wins then you lose the 2 bets.

Note that there are various Asian Handicap bets that mean the same as other available bets:

  • Asian Handicap (0) = DNB Draw no Bet = Draw Refunds
  • Asian Handicap -0,5 = Bet in Victory
  • Asian Handicap +0,5 = Double Possibility 1X or 2X
  • Asian Handicap -1,5 = European Handicap -1
  • Asian Handicap -2,5 = European Handicap -2

More information about Asian Handicaps here: Asian Handicap

Example of bookies that have Asian Handicaps:

Example of bookies that only have European Handicaps:

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