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Handball Betting Guide

Introduction to Handball Betting Guides: Handball has a significant level of popularity, especially in Europe, but this is a lesser sport in the United Kingdom.

The founding fathers of Handball were Germany physical education experts that have based the new sport in 2 games: Raftball (snatchball) and Koningsbergball from the early 20th century.

Handball has gradually spread across Denmark, Norway and Sweden and later into the Central European countries.

Handball is really starting to pick up in Spain and in the Basque region.

The Spaniards have their own variant of handball called Pelota Basca, while the Irish version of Handball is known as Gaelic Handball.

What are the benefits of playing handball?

Firstly, it allows you to burn a lot of calories and become ambidextrous.

It increases your eye-hand coordination and, most importantly, this is a team sport in the true essence of the word.

They defend and attack as a unit – one for all and all for one.

Handball Betting Guide: Handball competitions

The most popular competitions widely covered by the biggest online bookmakers include:

Olympic Games: Handball on the 2008 Olympic Games enjoyed a great popularity amongst bettors. Handball has been an Olympic sport since 1972, but the turning point in terms of the popularity of handball betting came much later, on the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Male Handball World Championships: This international handball main event is organized by the International Handball Federation since 1938. It is played twice a year and has good importance in Europe.

EHF Champions League: This is the continental male European handball competition and it is organized by the European Handball Federation.

European Men’s Handball Championship: This bi-annual tournament is played by the top European male national teams, also working as qualifier for the World Championships.

EHF Cup Winners’ Cup: Annual competition for European male and female clubs that win their domestic cups.

Domestic leagues: The strongest domestic handball league is probably the German Bundesliga, and that’s the one that gets the most coverage in terms of the online bookmakers. The ASOBAL Spanish League is also a very popular market amongst the bettors.

Types of Handball betting

• Final result – predicting which team will win the match (normally also includes the “draw” alternative).

Half-time result – predicting which team will be in the lead at half-time

Handicap betting – On this kind of bet, the team that the bookmakers consider to be the weaker is given an advantage in terms of goals, so that in terms of the bet, the chances of both teams being close to the same value – the odds of the favourites rise, and the odds of the underdogs decrease.

Over/Under Betting – Predicting if the total number of goals in the match will be higher or lower than the value set by the oddsmakers.

Other bets:

Will the number of goals be even or odd?

Will the number of total goals in the first half be even or odd?

Will the total number of goals in the second half be even or odd?

Handball betting tips

A good goalkeeper, besides in-play bets, it means profit on bookmakers .

In Handball, a charismatic goalkeeper is often considered to be key for success.

What is more important for a goalkeeper to have a great defensive performance is to drain the levels of confidence of the opponents on the early stages of the match.

What often happens after that is that opponents become insecure about their abilities and become hesitant when shooting.
Goals are scored very often in handball

If a goalkeeper stops a shot, that is very frequently considered an exceptional save, unlike football, where the attackers miss a lot of chances very often.

If you have the opportunity of witnessing this phenom when watching a handball match (either live or on TV), you can try your luck on in-play bets and bet on the team with the more inspired goalkeeper.

Never bet on the draw

Handball matches rarely end on a draw, which means they offer very high odds.

But, in most cases, it is better to bet on one of the teams to win the match.

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