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Futsal Betting Guide

Futsal is a football variant that was invented in 1930 in Uruguay by a teacher that wanted to offer an indoor alternative to his students.

It rapidly became popular amongst children and adults and spread across the entire South America and then across the world.

Futsal’s popularity might be attributed to its dynamic style, with quick movement from the players, surprising technical skills and the amount of goals.

Bookmakers’ betting offers for Futsal

Although Futsal isn’t as prestige and famous as football, there are bookmakers that offer bets for this sport.

Just like in football, for Futsal the bookmakers offer traditional 1X2 bets and some more complex ones, such as first half winner, “over/under” and “handicaps”.

Besides the most important competitions, like the World Cup or the European Championship, the bookmakers have a relatively good offer in terms of betting options for the national leagues, like the Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian leagues.

Considerations when betting on Futsal

Betting on futsal is very similar to betting on football, although there are some differences. Below, you will find some tips for bettors that want to start betting on futsal.

Generally, it is advisable to support technical and fast teams, like the national teams of Brazil, Portugal or Spain.

Futsal means having excellent technique, pass precision, good positioning and a quick and intelligent playstyle.

Comparing to football, in Futsal, there are no pushes, so the robust and more athletic don’t have any additional advantage.

Another vital advice is betting on teams with reliable goalkeepers that have good reflexes. Goalkeeper is probably the hardest position to play in Futsal.

Unlike in football, where in most cases, the goalkeepers have 4 or 5 saves to make during the entire match, in Futsal, the goalkeeper is under constant threat from the opposing players and they have to deal with a lot of close scenarios.


Besides that, in Futsal, the goalkeepers are actively participating on the creation of goalscoring opportunities and their technical abilities are, a lot of times, on the same level as their teammates.

It is definitely good to watch several futsal matches of the team we want to bet one, especially the most recent ones.

It is essential to be up to date regarding the team’s performances, because that is the main aspect to take into consideration when predicting a possible result of a certain match.

It is especially important to have that information because futsal is a very intense and demanding sport and even a mistake or a weaker player might cost its team the victory.

Futsal Betting Guide: Knowing the teams and the players is essential.

Like it happens in other sports, it is very important to have the maximum amount of data about the teams and its players.

You should keep track of the stats, their recent history in terms of head-to-head, the current condition of their players and even look for any news regarding the team’s current form.

All of that information can be found through the internet, especially on sports statistics websites, with the latest news also appearing on social networks.

Injuries during a match aren’t such a serious problem as in football because in futsal there is a limited amount of substitutions.

However, an injury or a red card to an important player might affect the team’s performance or even the result of the match.

Besides that, it is hard to substitute a crucial player in futsal than in football. IF the team’s best player is sent off or picks up an injury, that could significantly reduce the team’s chances of winning or even clinching the title.

On those cases, the bookmakers are reducing their odds for the teams with their important players injured.

Sometimes, there is a possibility of betting on futsal matches live. It is very hard and requires considerable experience. Futsal is a very dynamic sport and the results change, very often, in a matter of seconds.

It will be necessary to have the ability to focus well and make decisions quickly.

A valuable advice is paying attention to the odds and chances on the match, for example, when a field player replaces the goalkeeper or when there’s an injury to an important player and he has to be replaced.

Sometimes, the bookmakers ignore these situations and that gives us the opportunity to get some good odds.

The odds for futsal matches appear very late, a lot of times only 1 or 2 days before the matchday. That can be both good and bad.

We have less time to analyse the match and make a prediction. However, the bookmakers also have very little time to correct their possible mistakes. By paying attention, you can find very good odds for an almost certain bet.

It is worth to think that rules in futsal are a bit different from football.

There are timeouts, during which time is stopped. Sometimes, an outfield player can occupy the place of the goalkeeper, each manager can call a timeout during each half, there are no offsides and after 5 fouls in a half, one after the other, it leads to a penalty.

That’s an especially important detail to consider because the small pitches favour a lot of clashes between the players.

The referee is another decisive aspect for the final result of a futsal match. In futsal, this has a bit more impact in the match and in its result than in football.

The referee also has less time to make a decision and he always needs to keep track of a very dynamic match. That way, he is more prone to making mistakes.

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