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After reviewing the data presented by French regulator (ARGEL), we can conclude that they are very exciting, regarding online betting

Their business volume reached almost 636 million Euros in the last quarter, with an increase of around 9% comparing to the same quarter of last year.

The growth in online betting’s business volume had a lower percent gain (year on year) on the last 4 years, but on the 2nd quarter of 2016 it had the leverage of Euro 2016.

With this huge leverage, the profits during the competition, centred on that quarter, went up about 28% (year on year).

With this competition rising the online betting business, the revenues even reached 111 million Euros in the 2nd quarter, in what represented a 22% increase compared to the same period of the previous year.

After Euro 2016 was over, the offers and bonuses have diminished about a third (year on year) and that has increased the margin about 3% compared to the same period of 2015.

Horse racing bets in France have just started and already on the 2nd quarter the business volume increased about 9% compared with last year. The values have reached 239 million Euros, being the first revenue that this field has recorded in the last 4 years.

This earnings derive mainly from the fact that most horse racing operators have increased their pay-out to bettors in 1.10. On the other hand, the number of bettors on this sport also increased in about 1%, which is a small but significative margin.

We are yet to talk about the total revenue of horse racing betting, that reached almost 58 million Euros, increasing 5% from last year.

Poker, another category, which in France already has partnerships to have a shared market, but it is also interesting to see its numbers.

The revenue increased in about 5% compared to the same period last season. The values have hit, on this area of business, the 58.6 million Euros.

It should be noted that tournaments have been more profitable than cash games but on this detail in particular, they have diminished compared to the previous year. The values are around 2%, which netted them 459 million Euros, in comparison to cash games, which dropped 0.4% to 850 million Euros.

ARJEL, just like other regulators, have announced the protocol for a shared liquidity in poker. Last week, the documents were released so the licensees could apply for this new model of cooperation, shared liquidity.

Source: GMB




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