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Fixed Matches. This kind of practice has become a fever on Facebook, with countless “sellers” offering 100% fixed matches. What bettor wouldn’t like having access to information about a fixed match with an outcome 100% decided before the start of the encounter and a completely decided outcome?

FIXED MATCHES – Can you believe it?

This kind of possibility takes away all the risk attached to sports betting since theoretically you would be making bets that you would be certain regarding its pre-determined outcome due to match fixes that involve some of the participants of the said sporting event.


This kind of topic is also always utilized by the press whenever there is a case of match fixing to criticize online betting, justifying that its legalization will lead to a chain reaction of match fixing in every sport.

UEFA and FIFA, for example, have already confirmed several times that there have been matches of the main sporting competitions in the world that were fixed or at least went through an official investigation.

In South America there has already been a famous case of match fixing. Who doesn’t remember 2005’s Brazilian Serie A, won by Corinthians, when the truth came out about “Referee mob”?

At the time, a group of corrupt people paid the referees Edílson Pereira de Carvalho and Paulo José Danelon, the first of them inclusively being a FIFA referee, in order for them to fix the matches they officiated on in favour of the bets of the international betting group.

11 matches judged by Edílson were nullified and rescheduled, generating a lot of controversy back then. Respecting the Brazilian tradition of impunity, the case resulted into nothing and nobody was punished criminally.

Ok, the Fixed Matches can exist but honestly, do you really think you can get that information through Facebook for 150 Euros, being sold by fake profiles that always post their winners but never their losses?

This kind of websites announcing alleged sellers of fixed matches for online bettors already exist for quite some time. But the dissemination of betting on social media has been increasing the volume of this kind of scam to a point where it is becoming unbearable.

Daily the scammers create a huge amount of profiles that announced these pseudo-fixed matches and they keep adding every profile that has any reference to sports betting, trying to trick them and scam them.

From then on, the nightmare starts, with the profile posting supposedly winning bets on bookmakers, trying to generate on you the greed of jumping in on the next opportunity.


Don’t get fooled by these opportunists. Their objective is always taking your money and then running away.

These bandits create several profiles on the internet, and they make all sorts of bets, covering every possible outcome. The one that is the winning one, they take and post it as if it was a fixed match.

It is nothing but blunt fraud, trying to trick incautious bettors, not professional bettors that are eager for easy money.

Another method is sending different bets for different suckers that fell for the scam. They send one possible outcome for each bettor and since one of them will receive a winner, it will serve their purpose of captivating more victims.

Fixed Matches – Facebook scammers

This is a topic that deserved a book from psychology experts. The road to easy and risk-free money is responsible for creating all sorts of scams in the history of humanity. These fixed matches are only another variation for the scammers to trick innocent but ambitious people.

As people usually say: “Greed makes you poor”. On the case of sports betting and fixed matches, it is the exact same situation. Just like in every other aspect of life, winning money consistently isn’t easy, so why should we expect that from sports betting?

But insistently, people tend to think that in sports betting, they will get into a world where they don’t have to work, effort is expendable, and dedication is unnecessary.

They are hoping they will win money in a much easier way than anywhere else, being completely delusional.

Upon this, they are susceptible to all sorts of scammers such as sellers of fixed matches and others that promise easy money, risk free, tipsters that ensure profit, basically, people that offer an easy way, a shortcut.

If you want to start on this betting world, don’t follow that path.

The fixed matches can truly exist, but the access to that kind of information is extremely confidential and expensive, not being sold by just a few hundred Euros by fake profiles on Facebook.

There are millions of Euros involved on this business, from organizations and criminals all over the world. Don’t be fooled, you will never have access to that. You will only be losing money and feeding those online scammers.

Control your greed, focus on hard work, adopt a set of strategies and organizational methods, look for reliable websites, serious people and communities where people help each other and that’s where you will have a shot of winning money with sports betting.

Forget about the shortcuts.





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