European football clubs have already returned to their activities and a lot of them are already on official competitions. Even this way, they have been plummeting in terms of market value and their losses are on the figures of millions of euros.


Every season, KPMG, a financial consulting firm situated in the Netherlands makes a review of the European clubs, and their respective movements on the financial markets, considering their balance, roster, income and expenses.

KPMG announced their balance of the European clubs in the month of May and they’ve already informed that the conditions could change afterwards, according the effects of the coronavirus on the teams’ balances.

At first, the highlight went to Paris Saint-Germain, that had gotten into the top 10 and had a market value of 1.9 billion euros. Real Madrid was at the top of European clubs (3.47B), followed by United (3.32B), Barcelona (3.19B), Bayern (2.87B) and Liverpool closing the top 5 (2.65B).

With KGPM’s update due to the impacts of the coronavirus, the scenario changed drastically, and PSG that was standing out positively now became one of the clubs that lost the most value after the pandemic.

The Parisian club had their roster evaluated in 934 million euros, and it dropped to 696 million, which is a 25% decrease. That happens precisely because football in France was cancelled and the leagues suspended until July, when the final stages of the domestic cups will take place.

All of that combined with a scenario of financial instability in the continent and a slowdown of the transactions from now on mean that the team from Paris has a serious loss, regarding their investment.


Real Madrid is the most valuable club in the world, and they are still at the top of the rankings. However, their squad also suffered a loss with the forced stoppage.

They’ve had a decline of 19.1% dropping from 1.16 Billion to 944 million. Their downfall had been steeper than PSG’s, reaching up to 27% when the competitions were still cancelled.

Barcelona is the club that devaluated the most from the big leagues, except for PSG. The Catalan club lost 20.5% of its market value, dropping from 1.14 billion to 903 million euros. Manchester United, Bayern and Liverpool had decreases of 13.8%, 15.8% and 16.9% respectively.

Reminding that Germany had their season resumed on May 16th, while Spain returned two weeks ago and last week England and Italy allowed their competitions to finally return.


As it was projected a couple of months ago, the pandemic of the coronavirus was expected to bring severe effects. With the publishing of KPMG’s balance, it is easier to understand those who will have more difficulties in setting up deals with their players.

With PSG’s very steep downfall, now the question is if the club will have the availability of releasing Neymar for a much lower value than what they’ve invested, or if they will have to hold on to the Brazilian for another year despite his dissatisfaction.

As for Mbappé, that has a very high release fee and that is unnegotiable according to the president, he will probably stay another year in Paris.

There were rumours that this season would bring a different way of negotiating between the clubs, featuring lower amounts of money and utilizing players included on the deals, as a “currency”. Now each club will have to reassess what their players are really worth and how many they will have to get rid off to fulfill their desires.

Manchester City and Liverpool are maybe the ones that will have to spend less in terms of reinforcements. However, Guardiola’s team is also still awaiting the result of their trial on the CAS, to know if they will have the right to play in the next Champions League or not.

That changes everything because players might leave if that’s the case and other options can appear on the market for the big clubs.


Juventus appears only in 11th place, with their roster being worth 635 million euros, while still having Cristiano Ronaldo. Dortmund are right behind them, being worth 649 but with the German club overall having less value than the Italian.

The Germans have Haaland as a trick up their sleeve for a millionaire transaction. However, I have serious doubts that he will be leaving on this transfer window, much due to the high asking price the club currently has set for him.

Chelsea, in 7th place, lost 19% of their market value, but they’ve already made some moves and picked up Timo Werner, from RB Leipzig. That will increase their value but I don’t think they will have a lot more money to spend on big-name signings. Let’s wait and see!

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