The Spaniard Fernando Alonso will be returning to Formula 1 in 2021. The two-times world champion will race for the Scuderia who took him to the top of the world in the years of 2005 and 2006, Renault.


Formula 1 will once again have one of its great champions next season, Fernando Alonso, who was a phenom on the tracks, winning two world championships in 2005 and 2006 and will now return to the category in 2021.

This Wednesday Renault confirmed the contract signing with the Spanish driver. Alonso will replace Daniel Ricciardo, who will take on a spot as McLaren driver next season.

Fernando Alonso has been away from Formula 1 since the end of the 2018 season, where he decided to leave McLaren and make an adventure through other categories, such as Indianapolis 500, Endurance World Championships, LeMans 24h, Formula Indy and Dakar Rally.

Coming close to 40 years of age, Fernando Alonso will have the tough task of proving that he can still reinvent himself and offer something useful to Renault and to fans all over the world.

He will be joining a Scuderia that is evolving but that still hasn’t quite gotten back to its time of glory. The French Scuderia Renault, since they’ve returned to the Grid in 2016, didn’t get closer to the top teams.

Fernando Alonso returning to Formula 1

On their 3rd time in F1, the Scuderia said their project was a long term one, but on their 5th season, they still haven’t adjusted their car to fight for the title once again.

From 2016 to 2018 they kept evolving but in 2019 a disappointing result, where not very reliable engines, harshly criticized chassis and even a problem with the directors, with a former CEO being arrested, affected them.

The team’s program has been criticized and Fernando Alonso appears as a “saviour”, to calm the storm, but if the Spaniard gets a bad car, things will turn dire once again.


Fernando Alonso started early in Formula 1, in 2001, with 19 years of age, testing the cars of the former Minardi.

In 2003, already in Renault, with 21 years of age, he was the youngest driver to reach a pole position, achievement that would later be beaten by Sebastian Vettel.

In 2005 Alonso conquered his first world title, taking advantage of a very strong Renault. He was the first Spanish driver to finish on the podium and leading the F1 ranking, besides becoming the youngest world champion ever back then.

In 2006, history repeated itself, with Alonso fighting against the legendary Michael Schumacher, with Alonso needing a 3rd place in the Brazil GP to win his 2nd consecutive title.

With a sensation status on the category, he transferred to McLaren in 2007, where he only stayed for 1 season. Back then, he had some problems with the team, because he was feeling overshadowed by the young driver that had just started his career, Lewis Hamilton, you might have heard of him…

He went back to Renault and saw that the team didn’t have the same strength and had a disappointing year. He went to Ferrari in 2010, where he made a good season, almost winning the title, as well as achieving 2nd places in 2012 and 2013.

On the 2014 season, he made a very weak campaign and he left the Italian Scuderia where he didn’t leave a very good impression.

Until 2018, Alonso drove for McLaren once again, with weak cars, underwhelming engines and the Spaniard publicly criticizing the Scuderia and the manufacturers. It was the end of a long career in F1, where he finished in a much less brilliant way than it had started.


Formula 1’s 2020 season started off on the past weekend. Incredibly, it was a race full of problems, where 9 of the 20 cars from the grid abandoned due to problems, none by accident. The season started off in a weak fashion and RBR were the worst ones, with both of their cars presenting mechanical failures.

The Austrian Grand Prix had Valtteri Bottas as its first winner, on a duel against Lewis Hamilton.

Bottas resisted the attacks of his teammate, who was then involved on a duel for position with Alexander Albon and was punished by the organization of the competition with 5 seconds, which meant Hamilton dropped from 2nd to 4th place.

Leclerc, who drove a Ferrari with visible problems, managed to finish in 2nd place and Lando Norris closed out the podium.

Presumably, Hamilton will once again be the target to beat, with Bottas fighting for the title with him. The other Scuderias will have to reinvent themselves and quickly, to still put up a fight for this season.

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