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These days I have been worrying about this situation and today I bring here an article about the Fake News and clickbait in the world of sports betting.

I’ll start off by explaining a bit what are “fake news” and what is “clickbait”.

On international press and especially fake press or “tabloids”, this news are becoming more and more frequently utilized to draw viewers or clicks.

Fake News and Clickbait on sports betting

Obviously, we might have a couple of “withdrawals” as soon as people open the article, because it normally doesn’t have anything to do with what the title suggests, or the news are completely wild.

Normally, the title is enticing or surprising, but the news itself is a lot of times nothing more than an inappropriate joke or something taken out of context.

On sports betting, the same thing happens: the so-called “Fake News” are everywhere and a lot of betting websites or websites about sports betting do the same.

The idea is obvious: to draw the click, and we know that betting websites need those clicks to “survive” because that’s what gives “numbers” or power to the website, be it to be better “ranked” on google or to have an audience, in order to have more negotiating power in terms of fixed advertising on the website.

As you can see, “clickbait” and fake news make a lot of sense, especially to give that slight “boost” to the page or the google rank that sometimes the websites need.

A lot of people defend this is a bad strategy utilized by the owners of the websites, and some people say that one day the google “algorithm” will “understand” this practice and severely punish this kind of content.

The Fake News utilized by the websites normally always try to sell the “idea” that something is happening or that something very good happened.

I’m speaking about bettors’ winnings or even images of bet slips, new bookmakers, hefty bonus or awards and even freebets.

But, at the end, those news don’t help us any way and sometimes the bonus already exist for a long time, and that bookmaker isn’t even a sportsbook, but more likely a casino, for example, but since they have a “name”, it sells and gives clicks – which means it’s fake news.

Another strategy heavily utilized by the bookmakers is sometimes announcing that a bettor “Y” or “X” had hefty gains in certain events.

Obviously, the bettor concludes already 2 things, want to see?

Firstly: If the bookmaker announced that reward to the bettor it means they have paid, which means they are a reliable bookmaker and that pays the prizes to every bettor and if they pay out those amounts, they will certainly pay out lower amounts.

Secondly: It means that if there was a bettor that managed to “trick” the bookmaker, and I will also be able to do it or at least try my luck at it. Therefore, there is nothing better to do than registering and trying out my luck.

This is the perfect combination in order for the bookmaker to go from regular to fantastic and gain confidence amongst bettors and that way attract more registrations, deposits and of course more chances of retaining the money of the bettors through lost bets.

That’s a lot of fake news in the world of sports betting and the bookmakers utilize it very well, and of course they “sell it” with all due pomp and circumstance, with pictures and pay checks to the lucky winner.

I can say that we don’t know the “veracity” of that lucky winner, but sometimes we suspect the following:

How does a bettor bet such a hefty amount on a certain unpredictable event or market and wins millions?

The amount placed on this sort of bets escapes any normal criterion of those who bet or those who have been betting for a couple of years and not even professional bettors do it like that and with those hefty amounts.

This, gentlemen, leaves me suspicious, and I think it is more likely that we will never hear about that bettor again… If he is that good, why didn’t he get it right again?

If he managed to trick the bookmaker once, why doesn’t he do it again? Wait, was he asked to leave the bookmaker, because he wins a lot?

It might be, I believe it can be possible, but it is definitely weird to say the least that this bettor simply disappears and never returns to “active”.

Is it a “Lucky shot”, that happens once in a million?

Yes, it might be, if we are playing in the Euro Millions, but take it easy, even then, there have been some persons that have won more than once, right? Well, all of this leads me into believing that the “fake news” have a tremendous power in the world of sports betting, and it is especially used very efficiently by the bookmakers.

Now, friends, I’m speaking about a different kind of fake news, slighter one I’d say, of that bettor that claims to have won 10 bets in a row or making that incredible parlay, with spectacular gains and then…

Yeah, in my opinion, that’s nothing more than fake news, and this example is commonly used a lot by tipsters or bettors that sell their services in order to draw attention from other bettors.


This kind of marketing, yes, because in my opinion it is advertising, is used and “abused” by those that sell tips or have paid channels or betting services. Sometimes, we notice that bet slip is already 3 years old and that streak of victories was tampered with the help of image editing software. Everything goes to “sell” or give the news – FAKE – that a certain bettor is amazing!

This topic would certainly allow for another article to be written, because it is a widespread practice these days and that is commonly used on social media. Sports betting aren’t that out of the picture these days, be it from the written press or the television.

The fake news are everywhere and they are more and more commonly utilized, since advertising is becoming more and more expensive, and especially on social media, with some social networks also “castrating” a little bit, such as Facebook for example.

The most utilized social network right now has been putting a lot of obstacles to the betting industry, ever since Facebook’s terms have changed!

As soon as Mark announced that Facebook would become a bit more personal and less commercial, advertising on Facebook began getting more expensive and harder to do.

Obviously, those that counted with that “advantage” had to deal with that and had to find cheap alternatives that were accessible.

If it was already a practice utilized by those that had little capital and investment to “advertise”, it started being more commonly utilized and we even see the big brands using it more and more.

This practice works well on social media, attracting the “click” and curiosity, and the brands profit from that, eventually always “selling” something in the future. But the question is that there is right now some outrage regarding this matter, because a lot of times, some of the fake news are degrading, to say the least.

I remember a specific one, where a tabloid publishes a post on Facebook saying that Cristiano Ronaldo was caught cheating on Irina, and with exclusive pictures. When opening the said post, we see the Portuguese player “cuddling” his pet cat.

That is ridiculous my friends, truly ridiculous, and you just want to the report that post of that “brand” that claims to be a journal.

It should certainly grant them a complaint on the journalists’ regulation authority or some instance that regulates newspapers or media or whatever!

Obviously, who manages the social networks aren’t the brand themselves, and if something was investigated, they would always say that their social media management is outsourced and that they have nothing to do with it, only to dodge responsibility.

That way, it will be hard to control the fake news, be it on sports betting, or tabloids, or whatever it is, because these practices are becoming more and more usual unfortunately.

Therefore, friends, they will always earn a click, because if some people are tricked, other check it just to see how ridiculous this fake news can get!

Regarding betting, be careful, because not everything that shines is golden and a lot of times, this fake news only want to “lead” you somewhere.

fake exemplo

I’ve already previously said that and as far as us goes, we try to lead you into registering and feeling confident on a bookmaker, because it pays hefty amounts to a bettor and next time it can be you.

Don’t be fooled and fight off this situation, and even with the curiosity of seeing how fair they went this time, comment and state how ridiculous that post is!

On bookmakers, on betting websites or on tipsters’ websites, the fake news is becoming more and more present and it is a “cheap” way of advertisement that is being heavily used not only in this industry!

Who’s to blame? I don’t know. It might be ours, because we click on them, but on a society where news are given within seconds to our mobile phones, we don’t even think before clicking.

Friends, I know it is hard, to resist the urge, but just to finalize, be careful, don’t get tricked by the fake news in this world of sports betting, because this “scheme” is being more and more utilized and improved, because as I’ve told you, advertising is getting more and more expensive.

Without fake news or false promises, we will be back soon with another article, here on InsideBet.
See you then and good luck in your bets!




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