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Plenty of fans ended up losing interest in Formula 1. The modernization brought an even bigger unevenness than what already existed, which ended up forcing the FIA to take measures with the objective of bringing back great competitions as well as the spectators that had left.

Future: How will the new Formula 1 be like?

It’s a quest for more competitiveness, that was lost many years ago with the modernization of Formula 1. If previously we had a wide set of great drivers standing out in the category, today, although there a lot of winners, the technology has a very big importance.

FIA plans changes for Formula 1

Without taking away the credit of the current great winners such as Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel, we are seeing more and more monotonous races, with a very large impact of the technological performance of the cars and very little impact of the talent of each driver.

For 2021, the FIA (International Automobile Federation) promises to enforce drastic changes to try and offer more interesting events to the fans again. The main changes are the costs that each team can have and changes on the cars, to generate more disputes on each race.

• Financial fair play:

The entity believes that a big reason for the disparity amongst drivers is the power of investment that each team can make on their cars. With this, the FIA will set the maximum investment amount to 175 Million dollars.

This value will apply to everything that can be made that allows the car to perform better, be it on its engine, materials, tires, parts and other aspects. Away from this allotment will be the salary of the drivers and the marketing of the team.

• Cars’ design:

The quest for more races with overtakes makes FIA look more and more for a standard model of cars to employ that. That has been the case in the past couple of seasons, with a clear example being the introduction of the mobile wing.

For 2021, the rear wing will have a shorter mold, while the front wing will be increased. To those that understand, the explanation is that it has a more simplified aerodynamic, with a cleaner passage of air, that facilitates the approximation between cars.

• Tires:
With a new standard control device, the new tiers will now have a standard rim 18, also with the objective of balancing and facilitating the approximation between the cars.

For us to have an idea of the changes, FIA revealed a statistic that in 2019 the cars lose around 40% of its strength when they get closer to another car, due to the “dirty air”. The idea is facilitating the flow of air and creating an environment that is more prone to overtakes.


Besides that, the new rules also have the objective of diminishing the distance there currently is between the teams, becoming more attractive for the fans and reducing the ridiculous costs that the category has been having.

On the past couple of seasons, we’ve been seeing less and less overtakes, less exciting races and a loss of interest from the general public.

There is the exemple of Brazil, with the biggest broadcasting company stopping the transmission of the races on prime time due to the lack of national drivers or the sudden drop in terms of interest or audience with each race.

The 2019 exposes what has been Formula 1 lately

Lewis Hamilton has been leading the races from start to finish, as well as the World Drivers’ Championship. The highly accomplished Brit already has an almost 100-points advantage for the 2nd place the Finnish Valtteri Bottas.

Of the 20 F1 drivers, only 5 have managed to reach 100 points and most of them didn’t even get close to a podium.

The Drivers’ Championship shows very well how far the other teams are from the main contenders of the category.

Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are the ones that actually have something to celebrate on the season, with a big distance to McLaren and an even bigger one to the others.

The current panorama of Formula 1 doesn’t allow people to be passionate about the category, because I can’t imagine something being interested by something that is emotionless, boring.

The changes on the category are the best thing that can happen to the sport in the next couple of seasons, and I’m very pleased to know that a couple of brilliant minds have reached this conclusion.

If everything that is on paper will actually be employed, we will have great disputes back in F1 from 2021 onwards.

At the moment we don’t have bad drivers, quite the opposite, but the sport lacks aggressiveness and more disputes, since it used to have historical encounters on each turn.




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