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One of the first things that newbie bettors analyse is the bonus offered by the bookmakers and along with them come the famous rollover. Do you know what it means and how it works?


Firstly, we will talk about the meaning of the word rollover, which will give us a better understanding about this mechanism of the bookmakers. The word rollover means to roll, and this definition will apply to your money.

Right at the beginning of our sports betting’s career, one of the first things that jump to our attention are the seductive bookmaker bonuses. It’s natural for this to happen because we would never imagine that the bookmaker was going to double our deposit, right? It would be a true gift!

However, the expression “there is no free lunch” never made so much sense. The bookmakers don’t hand out money and each action is considered in order to profit. Alongside with those great bonuses comes the famous rollover, which are the conditions that you will have to fulfill to be able to access your “free money”.

As we’ve seen, rollover means to roll, which means you will have to “roll” your money over a certain number of times, to be able to withdraw all of that money that you’ve “earned”. Below I’ll give an example for better understanding.


  • Bookmaker promotion: 100% Bonus on your first deposit
  •  Conditions: betting at least 3 times the amount of your deposit+bonus on minimum odds of 1.50
  •  Amount of the deposit: $500,00 (On this case you would win another 500)
  •  Total of the deposit+bonus: $1.000
  •  Rollover you will have to fulfill: $1.000 x 3 = 3.000 (total amount to be wagered on minimum odds of 1.50)

On this example we see that the person won the same amount of her initial deposit and in total he ended up with $1.000. That way, she will have to bet a total of 3.000$ to be able to withdraw the amount she will end up with at the end of this period. The amount can be higher or lower than the initial 1000$ or even less than the 500$ deposited, everything depends on the bettor.

It’s extremely important to know the rollover conditions. Besides the minimum odds, the bookmaker can demand other conditions, such as: being able to combine selections or not, betting only once on each event, having to combine selections with stipulated odds, etc.

Besides that, this example above sounds very easy, but there are some bookmakers out there that require you to reach a betting volume up to 10 times the combined value of bonus and deposit. Therefore, don’t forget: you need to always need the rules very carefully before requesting a bonus or making a deposit on any bookmaker!


The bookmaker won’t offer the bonus if they’re more likely to lose money. All of them have the first deposit bonus, which means in theory it helps them seducing those bettors who are still starting out and that will probably have difficulties to fulfill the requirements successfully.

For the newbie bettors, a lot of times the bankroll amount is low, and a bonus would be a good way to increase that initial value.

The problem is that they still don’t have the experience of understanding that, the bigger the betting volume, the bigger the risk of losing money.

The minimum odds requested by the bookmakers sometimes reach 1.80 or 2.00, which means the odds for you to roll your money over increase, which means the risk also increases drastically, which combined with a very high betting volume should lead you to losing everything.

The bookmakers sometimes make their conditions more difficult precisely because a lot of bettors recur to the data of family members and friends to open up accounts, take the bonus and with more experience it gets less complicated. But rollover might not be the main enemy, since the bigger problems are always the emotional aspects, betting without analysing the event, awful bankroll management, etc.

Then the new bettors are very exposed, and they end up having less money than if they would have if they hadn’t requested the bonus. That way, plan out your bets, calculate how much you’re going to bet and study a lot before starting out.


Another risk aspect is the time the bookmaker gives you to fulfill the stipulated amount. Generally, they give you 30 days from the moment you’ve received the bonus. That way, it’s a short period of time, which combined with the inexperience and a high betting volume becomes a very big risk.

My tips are simple for those who plan on utilizing the bonus: before doing it, study about bankroll management, analyse the markets you would like to bet on, stipulate the number of bets and the maximum amount of bets you will make on a poor sequence and always analyse the match before-hand.

That way, it will be easier to get through the rollover process and having a good bankroll to continue betting
later. Good Luck!

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