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The heavily awaited UEFA’s decision was finally made this Tuesday with the highest organ of European football deciding to postpone the EURO 2020 for the following year, that way opening up space on the schedule for the domestic and European leagues to prolong themselves until the end of June.

European Championships offer a necessary break in the schedule

Naturally, many suggested the chance of the EURO being postponed as the best solution for us to see the season of club competitions being concluded in a way that doesn’t affect next season.

EURO postponed to 2021 for safety reasons

EURO is only played every 4 years which means postponing it for a year won’t have big repercussions on the next edition, that will be played only 3 years later, in 2024. This is an apparently positive decision from UEFA that protects the domestic and European club competitions, at the same time that it doesn’t overly harm a country in specific, since the EURO would be played on several European cities.

With this decision, the national teams that are already qualified can henceforth approach the competition in medium term and forget the competition that was supposed to be played in about 3 months, something that is also beneficial taking into consideration that the decision comes in good time and at a stage where the national teams still hadn’t made decisions such as calling up players for the competition.

Basically, the competition that promised to excite the beginning of the Summer in 2020 will transit to the same period of 2021, being scheduled to take place between June 11th and July 11th of next year.

UEFA also announced that they will reimburse every fan that had already bought their tickets for the event on an obviously justified decision and that only offers credibility to the institution at a time of world crisis.

Domestic leagues can finally breathe a sigh of relief

With this opening on the schedule and the certainty that the players won’t be thinking about the European Championship, the clubs can now carry out their period of social isolation in a more relaxed way taking into consideration they will have until June 30th – approximately – to end their seasons.

A good example is La Liga, that still had 11 rounds to be played, something they will now be able to do more comfortably, hoping that this stoppage because of the coronavirus doesn’t prolong itself too match. Playing twice a week, the Spanish FA can finish their competition in about a month and a half, although we can’t ignore that the European competitions will also come into the equation, which means that ideally, it would be important that the clubs returned to competing in the beginning of May.

The Italian Serie A is still very delayed because it was the first competition to stop its activities, taking into consideration the strong propagation of the virus in the country. With 12 rounds to be played until the end of the season and still a lot of infected people and players, it is likely this will be one of the most complicated cases to solve, with the Serie A maybe even having to recur to Championship, Champions League or Relegation playoffs.

All of this are scenarios on the table that will continue to be studied while the problem persists, but of course the best option for all of us would really be putting an end to this problem as soon as possible so that everything can flow normally until the end of June. European competitions should put an end to the season.

Countering the initial expectations that the EURO would close out the 2019/20 season, and after its postponement, everything suggests that it will be the finals of the Europa League and the Champions League closing out the festivities of a season that will be undoubtedly marked by this frustrating competitive stoppage.

Still with several knockout ties to be played, and a relatively tight schedule according to the development of the pandemic, the possibility of having a final four on a less affected country deciding each one of the competitions continues to be a weighted possibility.

CONMEBOL followed UEFA’s footsteps and postponed the Copa America

This would be a particularly exciting end of the season in terms of national teams’ football since the CONMEBOL had decided to migrate the Copa America to the same period where the EURO was supposed to be played.

That decision had the objective of trying to bring the schedules of the two continents together, even because a lot of the South American stars play in the best European leagues. Therefore, the South American organization also decided to postpone the Copa America to 2021, precisely on the same way it was projected, during the same time of the EURO, which means, from June 11th to July 11th of 2021.

This way, we will have a turbulent end of the season with the club competition trying to finish, but we already have the certainty that 2021 will be equally fertile in terms of football since two of the most important international competitions in the world will be played within a year.





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