The end is near! Anderson Silva will have the last fight of his career within the UFC on October 31st, against Uriah Hall. Dana White has confirmed this will be the Brazilian’s last fight, with no chance of a special event for him.


Anderson Silva is very close to putting an end to his brilliant career. At the eight of his 45 years, the Spider will fight for the last time in October 31st of 2020, in a yet to define venue.

The person who vouched that information was Dana White himself, who even said that despite the Brazilian still having two fights in his contract, the franchise has reached an agreement with the athlete and both determined that this fight will really be his farewell from the octagon.

Anderson Silva is one of the world’s greatest sportsmen of the last decades and his importance to the dissemination of MMA in the world is undeniable.

I believe that UFC’s popularity around the world has a lot to do with the adoration the world had for Anderson Silva, who made a lot of people around the world stick to the screen just to watch him fight.

The world needed a dominant and charismatic fighter in that sport, and Spider brought that dominance and that charisma into UFC.

Considering the importance of this athlete, will this be a farewell at his height? For Dana White, it will. According to the UFC president, the fight against Uriah Hall will be a show matching the Brazilian’s history in the sport.

Uriah Hall chases the middleweight belt, which will turn out to be a big challenge to Anderson, who will want to end his career in great style, and with a win.

To be honest, i was imagining a more majestic farewell for Anderson Silva, with a historic fight, or a super event to signalize his full stop.


Dana White, when questioned about the possibility of putting together a super fight for the Brazilian after this, the businessman was quite straight in declining it:

“-Super fights happen when you are the champion and you fight another champion. His super fight’s time has already passed, there is no more super fights he can do.”

Although Dana White had later said that Anderson Silva is the greatest champion in the history of the category, there was a feeling that the reason he had all that speech was due to the current physical condition of the Brazilian, and the fact that there wouldn’t be an ideal opponent matching his same conditions.


As Dana White said, Anderson Silva is considered the greatest middleweight champion of all time, and one of the best fighters in history. The Brazilian has won 17 straight fights and defended the category belt for ten occasions.

The Spider began his UFC career in 2006, when he defeated Chris Leben, knocking him out with 49 seconds inside the first round. That was an amazing win, and Dana recalls that Leben was considered super favorite for that fight, however the Brazilian showed the world he would build a brilliant career in the UFC.

In that same year, Anderson had the opportunity to dispute the belt with the current champion, Rich Franklin, where once again he would win inside the first round, in incredible fashion.

From that day on, the Brazilian kept on defending his belt, and each fight turned out to be a big event, that drew the world’s attention. During that period there were amazing fights that would go down in history, not just because of the pre-event context, but also because of the way those fights unfolded.

One of those fights was against Chael Sonnen, with a lot of teasing from side to side. Sonnen turned out to be a tough opponent. He took Silva to the ground a few times with some good hit combos.

According to some data, Anderson took the biggest number of hits of his career on that fight, but the Brazilian would turn out to win the fight in the last round.

Another historic combat was against fellow Brazilian: Victor Belfort. The long awaited fight, full of expectations regarding a new middleweight king, ended in a few minutes, with a kick from Silva on Belfort’s chin.

Spider’s dominance ended in 2013, when he lost against Chris Weidman. The Brazilian declined the challenge a few times underestimating the north-american’s capacity to dispute the belt.

With an arrogant style and a low guard, Silva got hit and lost by knock out.

In December of that year came the rematch, and the Brazilian suffered a serious injury by trying to kick his opponent. He fractured his leg, and lost the fight due to his impossibility of continuing.


In 2015 he came back and fought Nick Diaz. Initially he had won the duel by unanimous decision, however, the verdict was changed to No Contest, due to a positive anti-doping test by the Brazilian.

The athlete got suspended for a year, paid a millionaire fine, and from then on his career went downhill. He lost his first fight after coming back, against Bisping and then went on to lose again, this time against Cormier, after replacing Jon Jones.

He moved away from the Octagon for a while, coming back in 2017, and winning in a difficult fight, against Brunson, by unanimous decision.

Another doping case, and after that two more fights in his career: a loss against Israel Adesanya, by unanimous decision, and knoked out by Jared Cannonier, both fights in 2019.

The end came in a melancholic way, full of controversies, little visibility, and finishing his career down low. It’s a sad situation because i feel the athlete deserved more, however it seems that Spider will leave without a big event and without being missed, due to his last terrible years.

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