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Many bettors deal with this problem during all life has bettor, but we can help!

No doubt, this is really one of the main problems for a bettor, especially in his “career” beginning.

A newcomer to this world leads with so much, but so much information, that sometimes can’t even process. From starting to learn what are the Handicaps, the over’s, how to make multiple… – Truly a lot of information.

After absorbing all this information, as a rule, he jumps right away to a charge of its account in a bookmaker and begins to give its first shots. And here begins the “problem”, the emotional control starts “beating” constantly against bank management.

As we said we came to try to help you with this article, for a bettor in a situation like this stop, read and think again before going back to bet.

As a rule, some bettors make bets by impulse, like: “men, that team is going to win, I’m going to put a coin on it” then after the match, it wasn’t quite like that. The bettor in this situation feels frustrated, as his bet wasn’t a winning one. And what does he do next?

Simple, he bets again, and very probably with a Stake = value per bet, and more to compensate de loss before – WRONG!

This is probably the most common mistake, and if it’s happening to yourself you should stop immediately, and before betting again, you must make an analysis about what went wrong in the last bet. After that analysis, where you might have found the problem, and in this specific case, was betting by impulse, without seeing the teams, news, injuries, etc etc get back to betting, but learn with that mistake.

Doubling the Stake, the bet value, the bettor is running from is standard per bet and here we give another advice… You never should exceed more than 1.5% of your bank per bet. For a rigorous control, you could and should make a record after each bet.

After this method you will see that after one loss and a next bet, your bank doesn’t suffer such unbalance. This method is ideal to new bettors or for small banks. I usually say, it’s better to lose a little, than losing a lot and then losing everything. The bank in this case might grow very slowly, but grows with a sustainable method for you, even in those bad days – Try it, it costs nothing.

Another mistake is when we start to get a lot of greens in a row, and we will have a certain tendency to lose focus and bet more each time – MISTAKE!

Here you have to keep the stake defined to each bet and go increasing also to the rise of the bank in percentage, since everything is going well to the bettor. But careful, because we aren’t going to always win, and then it may be reflected in your bank the uncontrolled rises of your stake.

The impulse is terrible for a bettor, you will start to wonder “damn I didn’t bet here and I my idea was correct”. And the next bet you won’t even think, you feel the same and bet again following your instinct – WRONG!

In this situation, you should go back, review everything again, and bet on conscience. We have to admit it, this control won’t appear right away. If you are a calm bettor, you will easily find the famous balance between emotional control and your bank management.

For the most “nervous” this balance may arrive later, you just have to know that you will have to learn with your mistakes and above all “have your bank ready to hold them”.

There be certainly many other specific aspects to present to you here, but everyone is like himself and it has to be the bettor to make his critical analysis and make his own reflection. It’s up to each one to recognize himself as a person and as a bettor and act in conformity. But we leave another advice here with you:

If you are nervous, impatient, upset… don’t bet, get out of home, go for a walk, but don’t bet. There are a lot of times when we have an “emotional” problem and we are just going to make some bets to “distract” ourselves – NO – WRONGthat will be reflected in your bets, sooner or later! It’s advisable that you are in a good mood, attentive and insightful so that you can be an ace in your best and diminish your error.

Here are just a few tips in this article, having conscience that there will be much more to reflect and advise, but we are here every day to help you.

Good Bets!



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