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Deiverson Figueiredo vs Joseph Benavidez – UFC Fight Night- Deiveson Figueiredo has 18 victories and 1 loss on his professional career.

Deiverson Figueiredo vs Joseph Benavidez –He has 9 victories by KO/TKO, 6 by submission and 3 by decision. His only loss was by decision.

The Brazilian Deiveson Figueiredo is probably the fighter of the division with the biggest KO power.

On his feet, Figueiredo likes to mix up his posture to leave the opponents confused and he tries to counter their attacks throwing each strike with the intention of finishing the fight.

Despite being good technically, his style is trying to go for the knockout with every punch or combination, instead of piling up damage and scoring points.

However, this style of fight is very fatiguing and leads Figueiredo to tend to slow down when he doesnā€™t get the KO early.

Defensively, the Brazilian isnā€™t particularly gifted and despite easily being hit, his chin has been proving to be strong so that he was never in danger of being knocked out.

On the ground, the Brazilian is very strong, very good in the transitions between the stand-up fight and the ground, where he usually catches opportunities to threaten his opponents with submissions.

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Joseph Benavidez has 28 victories and 6 losses on his career. He has 8 victories by KO/TKO, 9 by submission and 11 by decision. He lost twice by KO/TKO and 4 by decision.

Benavidez has his 4th (!) and almost certainly his last chance to fight for the UFC flyweight title.

The Brazilian Deiveson Figueiredo faces the American Joseph Benavidez on a fight counting towards the title of the UFC flyweight category.
Benavidez is a very versatile fighter, capable of finishing the fight both on the feet and on the ground.

On his feet, the American likes to mix up leg kicks with his boxing that despite not being particularly technical, taking his advantage of his KO power.

Defensively the American is often caught trading when he insists on combinations with very long punches that leave him exposed to counter attacks from the opponents who are willing to ā€œtake one to get oneā€.

He has a very capable offensive wrestling, with good timing on his takedowns. He has some difficulty to control his opponents on the ground but he is also very strong on the transition between positions, threatening especially with his guillotine.

Physically speaking, Benavidez appears to be on a descending stage of his career and the quickness he had as a trademark isnā€™t as relevant on his fights anymore.

This is a rematch from the last fight between the two that finished with a victory from Figueiredo by KO. The Brazilian, despite the victory, didnā€™t claim the title because he wasnā€™t able to make weight.

For this fight, we donā€™t know if that will happen again, but I think the history inside the octagon will be the same. Benavidez will put some pressure and be able to hit the Brazilian a couple of times.

However, Figueiredo doesnā€™t need a lot of chances to change the course of the fight, with his KO power, and he will find several opportunities to do so, just like it happened on the first fight.

Besides that, on the short period of time where the fight was on the ground, Figueiredo threatened Benavidez, being close to finishing it with an armbar.

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Deiverson Figueiredo vs Joseph Benavidez – Betting Tips:

The Brazilian therefore has more weapons to finish the fight, against a Benavidez that is starting to show signs of deterioration and presents the kind of flaws that will be ideal for Figueiredo to exploit.




Deiverson Figueiredo

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