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Some of us like strong emotions in poker’s high rollers while others enjoy the excitment of a good football match. And then there’s cycling.

Yes, the Tour de France is the longest and one of the biggest media covered events of the year in Europe, and people all over the world watch and bet at the comfort of their homes.

Normally it last for 3 weeks, in July, and the several teams plan it out months in advance about their strategy and where they should practice for this competition of endurance, who takes physical condition and passion to the limit.

It is with the same diligence that some fans plan their movement and have the funds available and ready.

Initially the cyclers were compared through the clock (time). Those first participants wouldn’t recognise the 21 stages of the Tour today.

The prizes are distributed by the best global time, both individually and team totals, the leader’s points (sprinters jersey), the Mountain King and the best youth rider (under 25).

Cycling is a lot about excelling in a determined area and then trying to improve that success with more challenging stages. There are 27 Pro Tour events between March and October every year.

The Tour de Normandie is a relatively new competition who gained popularity lately because it usually goes through the Swiss alps. The cycling’s Triple Crown is Le Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the World Championship.

There are many ways for bettors to bet on cycling. To win, the bettor doesn’t have to predict the final winner.

Each stage is considered a different event and each stage has several specialities, so the favourites can change drastically from stage to stage.

Gamblers can choose to bet on stages individually or on the final classification. They can choose to bet on a certain team or on a certain rider.

Cycling fans however, know the contenders really well. I tis key to search for the stage’s characteristics and the health reports before betting on any stage.

The reports for most events are known after each stage. The investigation is really useful if you want to bet.

Bettors should do their homework and understand every market/odds before betting and trying to predict who will win.

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