The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo star has tested positive for coronavirus. Unresigned, he demanded several more tests to confirm COVID-19, which can take him out of important games at the beginning of the season at Juventus.


The coronavirus wave that ravaged Europe during the year of 2020 seems to be under some control. If there is still no way to extinguish the disease, protocols within the sport are being strictly followed.

Even so, many athletes around the world end up testing positive for COVID-19. Although strict procedures for sanitary control are being followed, there is no way to control 100% of the extra field life of athletes, so the risk still exists.

The most recently one strucked by the virus was the star Cristiano Ronaldo. The star of the Portuguese national team had his result given as positive while defending his national team for the Nations League.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s last game was against the French national team for the same competition. At the end of last Monday night, CR7 still posted a picture with his teammates, where nobody was showing any procedure like mask or distance.

To a certain extent is normal, since they all end up having contact on the field. However, the attacker did not accept his positive result and demanded other tests.

Cristiano Ronaldo was not the only player in the Portuguese national team to test positive for coronavirus. Besides him, defender José Fonte and goalkeeper Anthony Lopes were also caught in the test.


The origin of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s contamination is still a mystery. The Portuguese coach Fernando Santos revealed that the source of the virus that infected Cristiano Ronaldo is unknown.

“Since yesterday we are totally confined here. We went in for tests and nobody else went in. It was not here that he ended up being infected by the virus”.


Even with strict protocols, it is not uncommon for players to stay away for a while for testing positive. It’s a risk you take, and even before getting back to the activities, everyone knew about it.

This should be treated as a normal event, but Cristiano Ronaldo’s non-resignation fuelled the controversy over the outcome. To complete, the star’s sister, Kátia Aveiro, ended up making a polemic publication, which was the fuse for questioning the tests.

Through her social media, Kátia stated that her brother’s COVID-19 result was the biggest fraud she has ever seen in her life. Check out the entire post of CR7’s sister:

“If it has to be Cristiano Ronaldo to wake up the world, I have to say that this Portuguese is really a predestined, a God’s envoy. Thank you! I believe that today a good few thousand will start to believe so much in this pandemic, in the tests, in the measures taken as I do… the biggest fraud I have ever seen since I was born”.

The message that seems to devaluate COVID-19 was not well received by Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans. The star’s sister also posted a sentence stating that the world is being treated like a puppet.

It is worth remembering that Cristiano Ronaldo was one of those who got involved in the controversy in Italy, when he left the Juventus concentration. At the beginning of the month, two employees of the Italian club tested positive for COVID-19.

The club, following protocols, set up a “bubble” in the team’s training center, in order for the athletes to be isolated . Besides Cristiano Ronaldo, Danilo, Betancur, Dybala and Cuadrado also left the place and traveled to play for their national teams.


The Portuguese forward could no longer face Sweden in midweek for the Nations League. Back in Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo has also 2 games for Juventus, on which he will not be part on the field.

The duel against Crotone, for the Italian Serie A, besides the debut in the Champions League against Dynamo Kyiv, already has the absence of the star as certain.

The main problem is the Champions League clash against Barcelona. Perhaps the best gift of the draw, being the duel between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, however, this meeting may not happen.


Juventus and Barcelona play on next October 28th. According to UEFA protocol, Cristiano Ronaldo must submit a negative test at least 7 days before the match, that is, by the 21st.

The player has about one week to remain in isolation and show improvements. The star remains asymptomatic, however the situation for the match against Lionel Messi seems quite threatened.

Juventus must pronounce itself in the next days and forward the player’s situation to the next weeks. Let’s hope we can watch this super encounter once again.

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