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Even before the end of the 19/20 season, spectacular news is already circulating planning for the next season. This time, it involves nothing less than Cristiano Ronaldo, and a potential move to Paris.


Normally this would be a decisive stage in European leagues and the end of the season would be near at the continent, which means we would have the start of the speculation regarding transfers. Since almost everything is stopped in terms of football worldwide, the newspapers are starting to write their investigative articles and hunting valuable information regarding the biggest stars of the old continent.

Cristiano Ronaldo might end up at PSG

The big news of this week is a potential interest from Paris Saint-Germain in Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently plays for Juventus. So far, although impactful, nothing unusual, since the Portuguese star is still the great aspiration of dozen clubs, even at the peak of his 35 years of age.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a contract with Juventus until 2022, which would be a great obstacle for the intentions of the Parisian club. According to the news outlets “La Gazzetta Dello Sport” and the website “Calciomercato”, the Italian club will play tough to waive their number 7, and the value of the deal could be around 60 or 70 million euros.

The amount would be much lower than what Juventus paid for CR7 at the start of the 18/19 season, that was at around 100 million euros. However, the situation was different on the scenario of worldwide football, with Cristiano Ronaldo coming off 3 consecutive Champions League’s titles with Real Madrid and European football walking towards the peak of money involved on each transfer.

The expectation there is in Europe suggests a more moderate scenario on the first years of return of football, with transfers by smaller amounts of money. Including the types of deals involving players to diminish the amount of money or even direct swaps seem to be a more viable option.

That way, a total of 70 millions paid right at this dark financial period that football is going through around the world is a lot of money. Cristiano Ronaldo deserves it, since he is worthy to once again be involved on a deal of this dimension. Everything suggests that the clubs will only have 1 shot to try and make signings of this size, which means they have to make it work.

Cristiano Ronaldo is having a productive season at Juventus, since he scored 21 goals in 22 Serie A matches and also got 3 assists. As for the Champions League, where the club is fighting to reach the quarterfinals, the Portuguese has 2 goals and 1 assist in 7 matches.


According to information, this current interest of Paris Saint-Germain in Cristiano Ronaldo should be due to a fear of the French club to lose two of their biggest stars at the end of the season. I’m speaking about the Brazilian Neymar and the French side Mbappé, who continue to be two extremely valuable players on the European market.

The Brazilian is once again the highlight of some European newspapers, involved in several speculations regarding his fate. On the last season, PSG’s president played tough, punishing Neymar and securing the superstar for another season. It seems that desire doesn’t have the same intensity this season and a deal can finally be made.

It’s still being discussed that Barcelona are the main interested ones and the closest to making a bid. People are even talking about the potential inclusion of Antoine Griezmann on the deal. If Neymar could be on the sights of Barcelona, the French Mbappé could also be heading to Spain, but to their rivals Real Madrid.

These are all just rumours but that have been gaining intensity behind the scenes, since even his agent, on an interview, was very clear and said that if the world was in normal conditions, Real Madrid would have probably taken the attacker already. I don’t know how much would PSG’s owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi would be willing to trade his two superstars.


These are different situations, because on one hand we have his desire of leaving combined with the natural deterioration of the relationship with the club. On the other hand, we have Mbappé, that is going through a spectacular period and a hefty amount coming from Spain might be unavoidable.

It would be a rough blow for the Parisian club that built a project years ago to try and win a Champions League title and so far, they haven’t gotten success. Who knows if that dream might become a reality with Cristiano Ronaldo? The problem is that there should be a quality team behind the Portuguese superstar, because we all know only 1 good player isn’t enough.





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