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The year of 2019 will go down in history as one of the most victorious of Flamengo’s history as a club. Media phenomena and their results on the pitch brought the club to a status they hadn’t been on for years. Their projection was a growth that can be comparable to some of the European giants.

Could Flamengo be a Bayern München of Brazilian football?

Bayern München is one of the biggest clubs in the World, and one of the current powerhouses of European football.


On the last decade, their relationship with the remaining clubs in Germany kept becoming less and less competitive, and their domestic and continental success took them to a different level.

The club from Munich has the biggest fanbase in Germany, the highest number of associates, having overcome the mark of 280 000 members, and they have won every important title in Germany for the past couple of seasons.

The decade was completely dominated by Bayern that since the 2012/2013 season has been collecting national and international trophies, besides managing to be the biggest target club for most of the players in the country.

On that season, they have won the Bundesliga and since then, they have been winning the German title every year.

At the beginning of this path, they also won the Champions League and the Club World Cup.

These days Bayern is known for being the richest club in German football, having the best players and performing the best internationally.

The difference when compared to their German rivals is so big that Bayern seduces even players of the club’s current biggest rival.

Some seasons ago, Bayern surprised by managing to “snatch” 3 big-name players from Borussia Dortmund: the defender Hummels, the midfielder Gotze and the centre forward Lewandowski.

The comparison with Flamengo’s current moment of form is inevitable, although they still haven’t consolidated it so far.

The Brazilian club recently reached one of their biggest peaks of success in the same season, winning the Copa Libertadores after 38 years without even reaching the final of the competition.

In the Brazilian Serie A, their dominance has been lasting since the first half of the season, and last week they’ve also managed to confirm their 6th league title.

Flamengo also have the biggest fanbase of their country, known as the “nação rubro negra”, having more than 30 million fans and having grown ridiculously on the past couple of seasons in terms of their number of members.

They generate a very large revenue in terms of their marketing and brand value, being the club with the highest price in terms of how much it costs a company to advertise on their shirts, and they receive the biggest share of the TV rights in the whole league.

The distance, at least financially speaking, to the remaining Brazilian clubs keeps getting bigger and bigger. The one that is closer to a financial intake of this level is Palmeiras, and even then, they need a big partnership with a sponsor to be able to maintain a high level of investments.

Is it time for Flamengo to start “snatching” talent from the other Brazilian clubs?

Following Bayern’s example, maybe this is the point where Flamengo might start consolidating themselves as the biggest powerhouse in the country for the upcoming years.

Money allows for great signings, that generate even more fans and media attention, which generates money, and all of that leads to titles. It is a vicious cycle and Flamengo is at a level that allows them to scout players that have been performing well at their rival clubs.

In Brazil, there still isn’t a monopolization of football in 2 or 3 clubs and the fanbases of the big clubs don’t allow for a big “liquidation” to the rival. However, there are a lot of players that end up being seduced by this powerhouse that Flamengo has become.

rafinha felipe luis

In 2019 people were saying that Flamengo had an incomparable starting line-up but didn’t have the strong group that Palmeiras has. In 2020, it is maybe the year that besides maintaining a very strong starting line-up, they will start filling their roster with players that can perform abroad too.

They have conditions to pay for good salaries, which means they can lure the players, leaving the other clubs without a lot of options to keep them.

Besides that, their status as a brand grew a lot, even internationally, with the comings of Rafinha and Filipe Luís.

These are two examples of players that didn’t come to Brazil at the end of their careers, still having a great contribution to offer and they’ve made the difference this season.

This might be a new age, where a Brazilian club has the conditions to bring names that still have a lot of potential, besides a very good personal marketing.

These are the new times of Brazilian football, that is being painted in the colour of Flamengo, and is becoming extremely apprehensive for the other clubs in the country.




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