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This is an article that I really needed to write. After big profits, the problem really is maintaining them and the so-called consistency in sports betting.

But the question we must answer is, how do we obtain consistency in sports betting?

Calm down, I’m here to help! All jokes aside, this article will try to help with that.
In sports betting, the consistency is something very desired for bettors, since all of them are trying to achieve it, win more bets than they lose.

That’s the motto for every bettor and it’s also a big headache, to say the least.

But let’s get on topic here, talking about that consistency!

Winning more bets than you lose is definitely a great start to understand a bit more about consistency, being strong on your entries is an advantage for your ROI and of course for your bankroll.

Having a good performance is definitely a basic principle and a small step towards consistency, but after you realize the definition, we should talk about how to put into practice!


Winning bets is important, having the biggest number of won bets is a good start and is something that you should consider to reach the desired consistency.

Winning a lot of bets is obviously essential to get there, but calm down, winning bets is not everything!


Besides winning bets, you have to earn money with that, and this situation has a lot to do with the odds and the stakes involved.

Betting on odds with value and with a strategical stake plan is another great step towards achieving the desired consistency in sports betting.


Yes, once again ROI is part of this magical formula that we are approaching here.

A good ROI is essential, but I’d say that it is a result of consistency in sports betting.

Thinking about having a good return over our money invested is also another step to get there.

How? Thinking that each bet we made might be contributing towards the increase of our ROI and of course that consequently will benefit our consistency.


I called it like this not to provoke you a good headache, but a lot of people call this Hit-rate and it is another aspect that you should take into consideration to reach a good consistency in sports betting.

A good HIT-Rate allows you to be one step ahead of your reds, or even a bad run that is perfectly normal to happen.

After introducing this technical jargon and being somewhat more “overwhelming”, I will now focus on other aspect that we should also worry about the psychological aspect, our own mind.

That’s something important in sports betting, and that a lot of people don’t care about, which is our mindset, the way our mind is prepared to work or being focused on sports betting in this case.

Being attentive, especially on live betting, is very important, and especially being focused, without getting distracted.


Our mind is part of our consistency in sports betting. Having an healthy mind and prepared to perform well on sports betting is to me a very important aspect right now.

I’ll only give my personal opinion, because I believe this is a sensitive topic for many, because each person knows better how they like to approach sports betting and make their own bets.

Of course that between the professional and the bettor that only bets for fun, the mindsets are really different, but still, I wanted to speak about these two types of bettors.

Being upbeat, with a “cheerful” spirit to bet, is a good part of it, just like spotting value on a line or being a line that is maladjusted.

Sleeping well for me is a part of it and I really take that into consideration.

I confess that I should do it more often or for longer periods, but those that bet know that “sleep is for the weak” – I agree with that!

There are sometimes with matches that we want to bet on or be on the lookout for, and the hard part of this is that sometimes there are consecutive matches. Our mind sometimes needs to switch off, for a certain period of time.

This aspect as well as rest, or doing something else, will certainly influence your decisions in sports betting and of course break your consistency if you’re not doing well or don’t have a healthy mind.


Getting back on the topic itself, having consistency in sports betting is having the highest number of aspects that allow you to be better and improve each day on your side.

There are some tools that you could and should utilize to increase your consistency, such as programs for example, livescores or other kinds of tools that allow you to make better decisions.

I won’t get into specifics, because I know and I am aware that each bettor likes certain websites or programs, because they “started” betting with those livescores for example.

I know that the bettor has more difficulty to change or utilize something different for the same outcome, being hard to “change”.

But changing sometimes can help you find your way.

Sometimes you might not be seeing what you really need to see or have the information for that.

On my case, the XG (expected goals) was difficult to look at and read, but my hit-rate brought me a very significant value on my choices or entries.

Now with the idea of a summary and making an assessment to everything I’ve written here, consistency is something very important in sports betting, but it depends on a lot of aspects and some of them are even external.

Consistency in sports betting

Being a winning bettor, being consistent on the bets you make is part of your betting method and I’d even go as far as saying that it is a result of your method.

The advice that I leave here is that you should always utilize your method and trust it, but be wise, when things aren’t working, you should stop and analyze. Stopping, reflecting and making corrections is okay. Keep in mind that your bankroll isn’t endless.

Something that I’ve been defending lately is that you should bet more with quality and less with impulse, because not every event has value.

That’s not how it works in sports betting.

You should bet when you’re sure and make level-headed decisions. Live betting is knowing why and understanding why we are making that move on the market.

You should really respect your bankroll. If you do it, consistency will be part of your day-to-day life and you should also respect your staking plan, which is another of the most important aspects to keep in mind.

Utilize a strategy or define one for live betting for example. Think about several scenarios and how you can always come out victorious on that event. Always picture the worst scenario because if it doesn’t happen, you will always be ahead on that match.

Analyse, take good care of your bet, understand the nuances that the match might offer you and of course the odds that can be misadjusted and can offer you value on the market.

CLV (Closing Line Value)

Always pay attention to the market. Sometimes on the CLV (Closing Line Value) the market is adjusted or tends to correct itself or even show you the final outcome of the match.

This topic can also be explored in one of the next articles, but don’t forget that without comprehending this one, the next ones might be harder to understand.

Focus and concentration, making good decisions and having the “desire” to bet, of analysing matches and checking for mistakes or “gaps” in the market is also part of the process to achieve good consistency in sports betting.

Always understand your emotional state at the time.

Don’t mix leisure with business, because normally that always goes wrong. Separate things well and the concepts and when it is time to choose, make it simple: always put family first, alright? Promise?

I also know that this promise can be hard to make for the professional bettor, but if he is professional, he knows how to manage things and well, he will be able to manage this issue that will certainly affect you at some point.

My friends, that is the idea, this is my opinion. Now you should re-read this, reflect and define your own strategy.

Emotional Control

Sit down, think about how you will work, how you will achieve consistency in sports betting and how you will get there.

Another advice and a very simple one: don’t complicate things. Use or think about something simple, something that is transparent and easy to achieve. Don’t try to utilize complicated or complex methods, because that will take more time and it might become more difficult to achieve that consistency.

That’s all for today, don’t bet too much, bet wisely. Use and abuse these concepts but especially focus on your own strategy and try to use them to help you achieve what you want, which is success of course.

Merry betting and good luck, of course, because it is also needed.

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