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The controversial and newsworthy Irish fighter is once again making the news of sports outlets. Conor McGregor already has a potential opponent for his next fight before trying to claim the UFC title once again. The opponent might be the American Justin Gaethje, that is on a good streak of results and should attract the attention of all mixed martial arts’ fans.

Conor McGregor is one step away from fighting for the title!

Everyone knows that the Irishman Conor McGregor wants to attract the attention of the MMA world once again and reach the top of his category. McGregor’s objective is getting the lightweight title, but before that, he will have to go through another test.

Conor McGregor is already preparing for his next millionaire fight

Conor is coming off a great fight against the American Donald Cerrone, on a fight in the welterweight category. The preparation for the fight against Cerrone was completely unusual, without schemes and statements full of controversy and hate, by McGregor.

That wasn’t what we saw on the octagon, when Conor showed why he is one of the most interesting fighters of UFC’s current era. His fights are filled with voracity and in only 40 seconds, quickly knocking out the American, with ruthless strikes.

Donald Cerrone had the intention of closing out the distance to the Irishman and try to neutralize his aggression. Conor showed the reason why his fights always move spectacular figures. He gave the crowd everything they wanted, starting off with a very aggressive kick to the head of the opponent and then a streak of accurate strikes.

After the fight, we saw the same old McGregor. He established himself as a unique fighter, having scored knockouts in three different categories: featherweight, lightweight and welterweight. On the post-fight interview, he called the fans idiots and challenged anyone to come up to the octagon to fight him, since there were some fighters amongst the spectators in the arena.

Now, the Irishman should fight one more time on the lightweight category before being eligible for a revenge against Khabib Nurmagomedov, the current title holder.

Justin Gaethje is going through a great period and he already called out McGregor

I fully agree with Conor Mcgregor’s coach when he says this is a fight the world would like to see and would put UFC back on track, after everything that is going on in the world.

The Irishman tends to setup very hype fights and he sells his “product” very well. Fighting against Justin would be something easy to advertise, since the North American is on a great period and he already fired some shots against the Irishman recently.

Gaethje is coming off 3 consecutive victories and he has an interesting record, with 21 victories and only 2 losses in 23 total fights. The American heavily criticized the UFC recently, saying they are completely colluding with McGregor’s inactivity. Which isn’t a lie, taking into consideration the fighter hasn’t fought much since 2016.

What could we expect from a fight between McGregor and Justin Gathje?

Firstly, another newsworthy fight and completely filled with money invested. Especially because of McGregor, who has statements and attitudes that have the power of invoking the most primitive feeling of the human being.

But speaking about characteristics, I’m very excited to watch a duel of this kind, taking into consideration that both fights have a great striking power. Conor McGregor is voracious, aggressive and overbearing. He isn’t a fighter that hides behind a fearful strategy. So much that he picked a fight against Floyd Mayweather, superstar of world boxing.

Conor looks for the exchanges, with aggressive strikes and a very vertical style, looking to control the center of the octagon most of the times and he became the only fighter to achieve knockouts on 3 different weight classes.

Outstanding! Justin is also very good on that department, since of the 21 victories he has gotten in 23 fights, 86% of them (a total of 18) were achieved through knockouts. That means this is a fight with a great selling power, since we have two very aggressive fighters who like to fight while standing up. Gaethje isn’t a big fan of the ground game, only having 1 finish there on his career and the fight going to the judges’ scorecard for decision on 2 occasions.

His 2 losses were by knockout, precisely against two aggressive fighters just like Conor. As for McGregor, in the UFC he had his significant losses through finishes, which means the Irishman might be the favourite here. It would be a great fight, but for now it is only a strong speculation, brought by McGregor’s coach. If the organizers know what they’re doing, they will surely try to setup this big fight.





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