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The coronavirus isn’t letting anyone of the hook a bit all around the world and the United States of America aren’t an exception on this “sanitary crisis”. One of the recent measures of the state of Nevada was shutting down every casino – a beacon of the region – for at least a month.

North American economy might be rocked

To have a better idea of the importance of the casinos in North American soil, we just need to indicate the number of people this industry employs. There are about 1.8 million people depending on the functioning of this gambling industry who are now in quarantine for at least 30 days.

Casinos are closed in Las Vegas

The casino industry represents a relevant portion of the country’s economy, moving about 260 billion dollars annually. Las Vegas’ reputation is unequivocally associated with the casinos and lights that abound there day after day, night after night. Well, that magic will be interrupted for at least a month for safety reasons, in order to contain the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Las Vegas turns into a ghost town for an indefinite period

Just like other well-known cities worldwide, Las Vegas will struggle drastically economically speaking and in terms of movement of people in the near future, since the state governor Steve Sisolak didn’t only order the casinos to suspend its activity.

The non-essential businesses such as bars, gyms, movie theaters or restaurants will have to close in order to try and control the propagation of COVID-19 more quickly in the region. On a press conference, Steve Sisolak alerted that “additional measures need to be adopted immediately in order to stop the contagion of this deadly virus in our state”.

Right now, over 150 people have already passed away in the United States and the estimations suggest that this number can continually increase for a couple more days, which means it’s urgent to impose these measures that were announced.

Online casinos are the alternative during this crisis period

For everyone that likes casino games, I believe that gambling online isn’t as exciting or inspiring as gambling live in Las Vegas. However, and during a period of crisis where people are advised to stay at home, online casinos can gain some relevance.

Bookmakers  like Bet365 and 1xbet and casino websites offer casino games on their websites and they can be an alternative for those who are now prevented from doing it in person. Yes, this isn’t just the case in Las Vegas, but also everywhere around the world, with some countries already having taken these measures for some time.

Most casinos around the world are already closed for precaution reasons since they are places with a lot of social contact and exchange of goods.The national authorities seem to be very aware of this new problem and they have been acting relatively swiftly since the outbreak began.

That way, we just have to hope that these measures have the desired effect so that we can stop this contagion spree as quickly as possible in order to return to our everyday life as soon as possible.

Sports betting at minimum services

The field of sports betting also hasn’t been benefitting at all from this pandemic, because although the online sector can continue working without restrictions, the truth is that the mass cancellation and postponement of events drastically reduced the betting volume.

Football is the sport that involves the most money and almost all leagues are stopped right now, at least in terms of what are the most important club competitions. The same thing happens in other relevant sports on this field such as basketball, especially the NBA, or tennis, that was about to go into a frenetic stage of the schedule with several important tournaments taking place.

As an example, the mythical clay tournament at Roland Garros was moved to the end of September/start of October, with tennis being completely suspended until June 7th by orders of the ATP Tour. Right now, and on the sporting context, the Turkish Superliga is one of the few competitions with some importance that continues to be played, since the country really hasn’t been that affected by this pandemic.

Right now, Trabzonspor is leading the competition with the same points as Istanbul Basaksehir.Istanbul Basaksehir are the favourites to win the league with odds of 2.20, while Trabzonspor has odds of 3.00 according to Bet365. Galatasaray, the current champions, and Sivasspor are also in the fight, presenting odds of 3.50 and 1.95 respectively.





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