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It was announced this Thursday (31/07) the list of the 10 players nominated for the Best FIFA Men’s player. The list doesn’t include any Brazilian amongst the nominees, nor the previous winner, but once again the duo Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are nominated.

Neymar out once again

Just like it had happened last season, the attacker Neymar is out of the list of nominees to the award of FIFA’s Men best player. There are many reasons for that, with this being the reflection of his current moment of form, and the consequences tend to be pretty bad for the player if he doesn’t change his attitude urgently.

Brazilians out of the list of the best players in the world

Who has already thought that Neymar would one day be the best player in the world? I confess that I’ve confidently said that the Brazilian superstar would win the trophy when he was at his prime in Europe.

On Barcelona, Neymar proved that he had potential to be amongst one of the best. The move to PSG was a disaster in his career, not financially speaking of course, but his technical level was heavily affected.

He moved to a market with less quality, being under pressure to take a soulless club to an European title, and all of that coincided with disasters in his personal life, disagreements with teammates and successive injuries.

On the past season, Neymar showed glimpses of his past self, but in general, he was careless and didn’t look concentrated on the pitch.

His dispute with PSG and the ambiguity regarding his future has been holding back his career, and if he doesn’t quickly change his childish attitude, his career might never reach its full potential like it happened in Barcelona for example.

Were Alisson and Modric forgotten?

Firstly, I’ll speak about the goalkeeper Alisson, European champion with Liverpool, and the best player in his position. He also won the Copa America with the Brazilian national team and consolidated his status as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

For Roma he had already performed very well, at the level of one of the best in the world, but he was missing titles.

This year, he conquered them, inclusively making a couple of great saves in the final. The truth is that this award rewards field players, and mostly attackers. It’s unfair, for sure!

alisson brasil

Modric was the best player in the world last season and it is true that it was a heavily questioned decision.

Although the midfielder had won every title with Real Madrid and driven the humble Croatia to the final of a World Cup, a lot of people were saying how well CR7 had performed that year.

On this past season, Real Madrid succumbed, just like the Croatian midfielder. We can name several reasons for that, inclusively the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the club. But it is very disappointing to see that the previous winner isn’t even amongst the top 10 now.

Modric should really hold on to his trophy of best player in the world very dearly, because I think it will be his only one…

The Messi and CR7 duo strikes again!

No one doubted that Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would be at least amongst the top 10. It is true that Messi carried Barcelona this season, leading the club to the Spanish title and reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League.

There, they had a wonderful performance in the 1st leg to gain a huge advantage, but then on the 2nd leg they completely vanished and lost their big lead.

For many, Messi is the favourite to win here, although I seriously doubt that.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo, he has had a season of great quality. Let’s say that he was less brilliant and decisive than he had been on Real Madrid, but he can’t always be unstoppable.

Ronaldo is going through a period of transition and adaptation to the new club, city, team and playstyle.

I don’t think it is likely that he will win this trophy, but I believe he will come into this next season with strength, even more due to the high-quality support that Juventus has been mounting for him.

The Dutch trio!

Firstly, the surprises. The young Ajax players Matthijs De Ligt and Frankie De Jong. Both had great exposure with Ajax’s superb campaign in the Champions League, where they even reached the semi-finals.

De Ligt was transferred to Juventus, while De Jong was hired by Barcelona. Both of them had the deserved acknowledgement, although they still don’t have consistency and solidity to fight for the trophy. This nomination crowned the great season they’ve had.

van dijk

Closing out this trio is the Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk, who was European champion with the English club, vice-champion of the Premier League, being part of Liverpool’s best campaign in the history of the competition.

The defender is the best player in the world on his position, without a doubt. He has an absurd sense of positioning, a quick and efficient reorganization and precise tackles. I have become fan of this player and I confess that I think he truly deserves this award.

Who closes out the list?

Still in the list are the attackers Mbappé (PSG), Harry Kane (Tottenham), Hazard (Chelsea), Mané and Salah (Liverpool).

I confess that I don’t see great arguments for Mbappé, Hazard and Kane to really be in contention for the award. Although not many in Europe have played better than them, they’ve made a season 1 level below the other competitors.

Mbappé stood out in the Ligue 1, that has a foolish level. Harry Kane did very well until the final portion of the season, where he got injured, and then he was unable to perform well in the final.


As for Hazard, he made a great campaign in the Europa League, winning the competition with Chelsea, but in the Premier League, he went through a season of trouble with the Blues.

Between Mané and Salah, although the Egyptian scored the goal that granted the title to Liverpool, he was less brilliant than last season. This time, I saw Mané playing a lot better, although not being that praised by the media.




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