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Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Clippers ā€“ NBA:Ā Yes, their form has been better.

This Celtics team seems like they let themselves go in terms of physical shape

And their intense defence has been conceding a lot of points, which was unusual previously.

With that poor moment of form, the team saw the Toronto Raptors overtake them on the lead of the Eastern Conference.

Latest matches:Ā BOSTON CELTICS

11.02.18 NBA Boston Celtics Cleveland Cavaliers 99-121

09.02.18 NBA Boston Celtics Indiana Pacers 91-97

08.02.18 NBA Washington Wizards Boston Celtics 104-110
06.02.18 NBA Toronto Raptors Boston Celtics 111-91

04.02.18 NBA Boston Celtics Portland Trail Blazers 97-96

What they are looking for now is rehabilitation.

Everything is about the intensity of their defensive game, that always stood out preventing their opponents to score inside and, on the agility, to defend the outside shots.

Their opponent here is an accessible one for them to bounce back.

What they need now is the confidence they had to develop their best performances, just like they had at the beginning of the season.

Los Angeles Clippers


12.02.18 NBA Brooklyn Nets Los Angeles Clippers 101-114
10.02.18 NBA Philadelphia 76ers Los Angeles Clippers 112-98

09.02.18 NBA Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Clippers 95-108
06.02.18 NBA Los Angeles Clippers Dallas Mavericks 104-101

03.02.18 NBA Los Angeles Clippers Chicago Bulls 113-103

It seems that after the exchange involving their best player after Chris Paulā€™s departure did the Clippers good.

\A lot was talked about the franchise that if Blake Griffin was to leave, the team would break down, but the complete opposite occurred.

They have only 2 losses on their last 8 games and they are fiercely fighting for 8th place on the Western Conference.

The team will now have to prove itself, once again, because this duel is very hard, against one of the best teams in the league.

All thatā€™s left to see now is how the young players will do on this super important game for the Clippers.

Boston Celtics vs LA Clippers ā€“ Betting Tip and Prediction:

If this game was played last month, Iā€™d say that the heavy favourites to win here would be the Celtics.

\Despite the odds still pointing that favouritism for the traditional franchise from Boston, I donā€™t expect this to be such an easy game for them.

This Clippers team has improved a lot with the deals made and they are fighting for a spot in the play-offs.

Still, I believe that they might be able to repeat their good performances from the beginning of the season and, playing at home, in front of their fans, I believe they should impose themselves and get the win.




Boston Celtics

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