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Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers – NBA : Boston Celtics: With 11 consecutive victories at home

the Boston Celtics are favourites to reach the NBA finals.

And consecrate themselves as champions of their conference, both for what they’ve done in this series and what they’ve done throughout the entire season, knowing very well how to suppress the absence of two super important players like Irving and Hayward.

In this series against the Cavs, the team from Boston has won the 3 games without being bothered a single time, with a wide advantage, wide control and a very solid basketball, cancelling out the opposing attack well and therefore doing well offensively.

Cleveland Cavaliers: The Celtics’ winning streak at home is scary, but the Cavaliers need to overcome that if they want to reach another NBA final.

However, besides Irving’s departure to their opponent and the unsuccessful season of Wade and Isaiah, the Cavs were bold and enforced an almost complete reformulation during the season.

They’ve struggled a lot throughout the regular season, losing a lot of games, and on these play-offs,

they’ve already had a rough time by eliminating the Indiana Pacers only in Game 7 on a super tight series with every game being very balanced, and against the Celtics, only LeBron has been online lately.

The superstar defends, attacks, shoots, dribbles, gets fouls, blocks, rebounds and does everything, and the truth is that if it weren’t for all of that,

the Cavaliers wouldn’t be alive in this series, because JR Smith has been unrecognizable, the Cavs’ bench has been poor and, to make matters worse, Kevin Love,

the only one that was giving LeBron some support, is confirmed to miss out on this game 7 after a concussion on the previous game.

Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Betting Tip and Prediction:

The Boston Celtics have been playing well collectively, involving their opponents at home, dominating defensively and scoring well. They have been intelligent marking the Cavs and with the absence of Kevin Love,

the Cavs don’t give me a lot of hopes of winning this duel, because only LeBron hasn’t been enough to break the Celtics’ home advantage and that will hardly happen tonight.



Celtics -2.5


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