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Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers – NBA: The Boston Celtics have made a great campaign in the play-offs so far.

Even their regular season was very good, enough for them to finish in 2nd place of the conference and that already gave them the home advantage, since the 1st place (the Toronto Raptors) were already eliminated.

On the “post season” the team started off having a lot of difficulties, against the Bucks, and they ended up winning in 7 games.

Then, they faced the 76ers and there they’ve played much better, against a much stronger team theoretically.

The team fought very hard against the Sixers, winning in game 2 after being down by 22 points and managing to hold on to the game in game 3 in overtime.

The team has been having great defensive moments and they have been having players stepping up, like Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Al Horford.

The Cleveland Cavaliers end up having a more or less similar history to the Celtics on the play-offs. The story was very different during the regular season, because the team did poorly overall, not having much quality and with only James playing well.

They struggled a lot against the Pacers, being ran over in some games by them, but they were incredible on game 7 and ended up winning.

Against the Raptors, everything was different and there was an incredible contribution from secondary players, with everyone helping out and LeBron being a monster as well.

The team has been doing really well offensively, shooting the ball well, especially in terms of 3-Pts. On the games against the Canadian team, there have been a lot of stomps, like in game 4 for example, where they won by 35 points.

It will be curious to watch this series, because I think both teams have good chances, but we’ll have to see the recoveries of Celtics’ injured players.

Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Betting Tip and Prediction:

Both teams come here with days of rest and they will both be at 100%. The Celtics are a team that has a lot of people helping out and putting in a lot of effort.

On the other hand, the Cavs need “secondary” contributions, which means players scoring around 20 points other than LeBron.

I believe this will be a super close game and the Celtics have too much fight to give to these Cavs, so I believe they will win here.



Celtics +1.5 points


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