Bonus or Odds? What to prioritize when choosing your bookmaker

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Many subjects are important in the universe of sports betting. But repeatedly between beginners and advanced this dilemma imposes itself! What is more important when choosing the bookmaker? The offered bonus or the odds value?


The bonuses are the most used decoys by bookmakers in order to attract new customers. The banners, advertisements and all marketing material focus on this.

High values, free money, receive in order to bet, in short, is the main asset used by companies. Is this bad?

Not at all. Even in another article I strongly defend the use of bonuses.

It’s a free money that deserves to be exploited intelligently by the bettor – although it always brings some withdrawal conditions through a rollover with it.

The problem here is when the bettor gets too focused on it and forgets that the bonus is just one more criteria to evaluate a bookmaker.

Even in our reviews we evaluate several characteristics within bookmakers, amongst them the bonus, but we do not absolutize.

The question is that people get very seduced by the money offer and forget about what’s really important.


A lot of times some bookmakers use this kind of seduction to blind the bettor and therefore hide a horrible service that is behind.

And that’s where the odds come in. Bookmakers with spectacular bonuses but horrible background services will make you lose money in the long term. The bonus will never make up to you in the long run in a bookmaker with bad odds.

Initially, and due to his volume, it may seem that a good bonus is more important, since you get a big ammount at once.

However in the long run a bookmaker who systematically offers better odds will end up giving much more return than a bookmaker with bad odds but with great bonus.


In an ideal world it would be better to have bookmakers with the best bonuses and better odds. But that’s not always possible. If you want both you can find a middle ground.

With this, am I telling you to forget about the bonuses? Never. The bonuses are still attractive and a great chance to build a bankroll. But I will tell you my recommendation.

If you notice that a bookmaker has a good bonus but a bad service and odds, what I advise you to do?

Rollover it and jump out. If you want to choose a bookmaker in order to stay a long time, always choose the one with the better odds. It will be a win-win decision.

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