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On the past weekend, we had the decisions of who would win the titles at Wimbledon. The British Grand Slam had two great finals both in the men’s and women’s side of things, and the winners were Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep.

Big winners at Wimbledon: Halep makes history in the United Kingdom

The decision between Simona Halep and the super champion Serena Williams had everything to be a great match. A lot of people (including me) thought that the favouritism was entirely on the side of the North American, that had a big advantage on the head-to-head record and had the experience of a number of titles conquered on Wimbledon’s grass.

Big winners at Wimbledon

The feeling of a Grand Slam title is almost a novelty for Halep, that won “only” the 2nd of her career.

The victory over Serena was an historical achievement for her: Simona Halep was the first Romanian player to win Wimbledon.

Halep’s game was practically perfect. She managed to cancel out Serena’s strategies, making very few mistakes and staying very aggressive throughout the match.

The victory by double 6-2 was the confirmation of the excellent tournament she has made, once again returning to the top 5 of the ranking The first set was very favourable for Halep, that managed to break Serena straight away in the North American’s two first service games.

That rendered her more tranquillity to close out the set. Williams was making a lot of mistakes, and she wasn’t able to make the Romanian uncomfortable on the game, even when she was on serve.

The second set would naturally start with Serena being more aggressive. However, Halep was responding well. Everything was close until the 5th game, when Serena was broken once again, in a surprisingly easy fashion.

From then on, Williams’ discomfort on the match was clear and Halep closed the set (and match) with tranquillity once again.

The expectation now is that Romanian fights for the top spots once again, while the North American has to pick up the pieces after another frustrating result at Wimbledon. Still, the Romanian isn’t the favourite to win the US Open, the last Grand Slam of the year.

She is the 3rd favourite, with 8.00 odds, behind Serena, the biggest favourite with 5.00 odds and Naomi Osaka with 8.00 odds, according to Bet365.

Wimbledon: Djokovic vs Federer: One of the biggest matches in history!

A great match was already expected. On one side we have the Serbian Novak Djokovic, looking for his 5th Wimbledon title and defending the one he conquered in 2018.

On the other hand, we have the Swiss Roger Federer, one of the biggest champions of the British Grand Slam and one of the biggest winners in the history of the sport.

Since it was an encounter between two of the best players in the world, with both players making a high-level campaign until the final, I would imagine the match would have periods of balance, and that each player takes turns as the dominant one in the match.

And that’s exactly what happened.

The match lasted 5 hours, becoming the longest final in the history of Wimbledon. It was decided only on the 5th set tiebreak, when the match was tied at an incredible result of 12-12.

The first set already showed what the match would be as a whole. We saw two players very committed to being efficient on their service games. No service game was lost, and the receiver was never able to last long during each service game.

The set went into tiebreak and Federer had a chance to close out the set, but he made some mistakes and allowed Djoko to open up an advantage and close out the set.

federer djokovic

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The 2nd set was a surprising walk in the park for Roger Federer. Djokovic was unrecognizable, committing a lot of mistakes.

Federer was able to break him on his two first service games, and with a 4-0 on the scoreline, he managed his advantage and easily closed out with a 6-1, tying the match.

The 3rd set was once again very balanced, and Federer made some mistakes once again. He could have closed out the set, when he was 5-4 up, but he lost his set point and, in the tiebreak, he was defeated once again. The Serbian was proving to be more stable, Federer made several mistakes in a row and the score was now 2-1 for Djoko.

The 4th set was also close, but this time with several mistakes from both sides. Djoko made more mistakes, not being able to break Federer’s great serve.

Fed was even 5-2 up, and although he got broken, Djokovic’s poor start was determinant for the Swiss to take the match into the 5th and deciding set. On that set, only if the match was tied until 12-12, would we see a tiebreak.

A match between these two monsters could only be decided that way.

The match continued to be very close, with neither of the two players feeling comfortable on court. It was a tense affair, but both players managed to stay in discussion. However, once again, Federer’s mistakes proved to be decisive.

The Swiss was broken in the 6th game, then he broke back and got another break, serving for the match when it was 8-7. Within that game, he had 2 match points, but Djoko saved both of them, broke him, tied things up at 8-8 and then the match kept dragging on until it was 12-12.

Just like in the other tiebreaks, Djokovic was more solid, managing to force consecutive mistakes from Federer, beating him by 7-3 and winning his 5th Wimbledon title.

This was one of the best matches of all time, with two powerhouses, and I believe that we won’t see in the future many matches on the same level as this one. Federer was a great opponent, but Djokovic made history by winning one of the most intense matches in the history of tennis.

And the scenario isn’t very different for the next Grand Slam. Djokovic is the favourite with 2.25 odds at 1xbet, ahead of Nadal who is priced at 5.00 and Federer at 6.60, all odds on 1xBet.

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