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Bettor: Victim or Villain of Bookmakers?

After all, the bettor is a victim or villain of the bookmakers? The relationship between online sports betting and bookmakers has never been easy.

We all know it is a business. For one to win the other must lose, so, both parts are in opposite sides. But does that mean that one can pass the other back whenever he wants?

In my view, no. But it is very easy to find dozens of complaints about the supposed arbitrariness of the bookies against the bettors.

Be it limitation, cancellation of bets, non-payment of withdrawals, among several problems that all end up facing.

Bettor: Victim or Villain of Bookmakers?

But today I want to play a little the role of the devil’s lawyer. And the bettors? When it is for them to behave ethically when they have the right posture?

First the mandatory disclaimer: I’m not saying that every bettor does this or possesses this kind of behavior. This comment refers precisely to who does. Who doesn’t do this doesn’t need to feel offended.

The fact is that it is the clients who love to play victims, but when it is up to them to take an honest and ethical stance in the face of mistakes made by bookmakers, it isn’t that what we see.

Bettor: Victim or Villain of Bookmakers? Mischief bettor

The best example of this dubious bettor’s ethic are duplicated accounts, triplicated, quadruplicated… in short, multiplied for diverse times.  

Most of the times, this trick is used to use the bonus several times. Usually the bookmakers award bonuses only once. But some unsatisfied like to enjoy this diverse times. And when they get caught it isn’t uncommon to see them complaining about closed accounts and confiscated funds.

Another good example is the use of bookies errors. Those who follow facebook groups and the social networks can witness the enjoyment of bettors when they find some error made by the bookies.

Some can’t see clear mistakes in the odds that they immediately run to take advantage. To make it worse, after it, some think they are in the right in which the bookmaker respects the bet made and pays even if this has been the object of error.

Who also didn’t witness some error that allowed the bettor to have some funds in his account when he shouldn’t have anything?

And what is the standard behavior that we see? The bettor immediately goes betting, in the referred, and then complains that he has negative funds or problem to make some later withdrawal.

Do bettors have the right to take advantage?

The Bettor that we are talking about thinks he is in the right to seize any breach given by the bookmakers and doesn’t see any problem in doing that.

But when he becomes a victim, then yes, he doesn’t avoid condemning the behavior of the company.

Before you throw stones at me. I DON’T want to say that one mistake justifies the other. I mean, that by the bettors not being honest with the bookies this would legitimize the bookies of behaving in the wrong way.

Still it is necessary to look inside of ourselves and question why we charge a behavior of a company that we don’t even have. That is hypocrisy.

Why do some bettors consider it legitimate to take advantage of errors committed by the bookies? But when they suffer an arbitrariness committed by the bookies they feel outraged?

So, before complaining, when you have a problem with a bookie, ask yourself if you are having a proper behavior as well. Coherence is always important.

Does a gambler who creates multiple accounts, takes advantage of bookies errors and uses funds that aren’t his own, have legitimacy to complain about something? Have some conscience!

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