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There are some texts in the internet about the biggest errors of a bettor inside the sports betting universe

Sincerely, most of them are pure and simple click baits or click grabbers wanting to pull you to the site in question with general tips and without any practical sense about what is really going to help you in sports betting.

We found tips that are close to pathetic like if you drink don’t bet, don’t bet in your heart team, don’t bet in casino and bingo, don’t bet upside down, don’t bet with your eyes closed, don’t bet underwater.

In short, generic tips and that will add little to the daily battle for profit in sports betting.

My objective in this series of articles will be to address the most prejudicial technical errors to the bettor strategy of obtaining profit in long term.

Remembering these errors are those that I committed and eventually made me learn. Obviously there must be mistakes that I have not yet committed and that probably I will commit and that are not covered here.

The learning in sports betting is constant and no one ever knows enough. But let’s start with a crucial error that bettors usually make in the beginning of their trajectory:

Don’t bet against your bettor profile:

By being the first, he has obligatorily to be a base error, of fundament. In my vision the worst error you can commit in bets is to bet against your profile.

As you all know, the universe of sports betting is huge and possesses diverse modes of action: Punting, Trading, multiples, pre live, live betting, referee. Inside those modalities you can yet focus in certain sports like football, tennis, basketball, NFL, MLB, etc.

Extrapolating even more the level of specialization you can chose the leagues in which you can act, in tennis between ATP, WTA, Challengers and even the markets where you can act like Money Line, asian handicap, overs and unders, corners, both teams to score, etc. There is a world of bets that can be explored by each one.

When we start betting we do a little of everything, multiples and accumulators, pre live, live betting, punting, trading, online games, everything that is moving we usually run after.

And this lack of direction usually means prejudice.

With time we discover that our intellectual and emotional profile is going to adapt better to a type of bets modality. For example, I am a terrible live bettor, it doesn’t matter what I do, the prejudice was always constant in this type of bet modality.

For that, it is necessary to find where you are sharp. And it is not about putting profit in first place.

Profit is secondary in the sense that if you choose the market in which your profile is more adequate, naturally the profit will happen. The fundamental is to know where you are more confortable to operate.

Explore bets universe to the maximum:

Of course this profile isn’t associated randomly. It’s a case about your way of being, evolution and adaptation. Some prefer more risk, less risk, medium risk.

There are people who like more emotion, less emotion. But there are some cases that it is no use to study to the maximum that style of bet will not suit your profile.

The good news is that betting universe is so complex and multivariate that probably you will find some market where you can specialize and have regular profits, even if it is in overs and unders in Iceland Football.

How to find that? This theme would make another article. But the answer resides in experimentation.

Who is initiating in bets universe will need to test them and find that individually. Reading the concepts about each type of bet in the internet won’t be enough. The discovery here will take place in practice.

Who hasn’t started like a punter and then found that trading was their business? Or who found that they don’t have the patience for trading? Start with little bankrolls, do a lot of paper betting and explore to the maximum what each type of modality has to offer. Be patient.

That can mean more time and dedication in the present but in the future it will mean less prejudice and more money in your pocket.

Be it trading or punting, the important is that you are capable of finding the type of bets modality that marries better with you. Don’t hesitate to abandon what doesn’t work for you and focus on what is really profitable.

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