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This is the eternal empty controversy: Should I bet on my favourite team or not? This is such a heavily discussed topic that I’m tired to return to it.

But when some start to become experts discussing it, the need for discussion returns.

Betting on your favourite team is one of the worst mistakes you can make in sports betting?

Or just another stupidity created by pseudo-experts to try and give the impression they are able to teach something to someone? Probably the second option. You shouldn’t trust on people who come up with these strategies.

When some people don’t have the necessary knowledge but try to showcase an aura of wisdom, one of the most well-known tactics is taking discussed topics, make very slight chances and present it as your own content. Like a discovery, an invention.

On sports betting, one of the most classic cases is the famous “Never bet on your favourite team”.

On a google search about the biggest mistakes in sports betting, 9 out of 10 results will contain this mantra that tells bettors never to bet on their favourite team.

The explanation is simple: the emotion of supporting your team prevents you from rationally analysing events where your team is involved. But is that true? Until what point will your love for your club as fan get in the way of your sports betting?

Firstly, we have to separate the recreational bettors from those who have a more professional approach.

The recreational bettor might want to fool around on the weekend betting in favour of their favourite team in order to have a more exciting reason to watch the match and solely having the hope they will win, without analysing all the facts.

Another completely different scenario are the bettors that are aiming to go professional, with data analysis and information, betting methods and looking for value on the lines.

On this article, I’m talking about bettors on the second situation. And this is not a value judgement. Each bettor bets as he pleases. But imagining that this kind of more analytical bettors will be influenced by rooting for a team is completely absurd and I will tell you why.

The first contradiction present on this golden rule of betting is the informational question.

Without a doubt, the main aspect that makes us capable of competing with any chance of profit against the bookmakers is the information and the depth of that information on the quest for value.

Running away from the superficial information – Looking for depth

It isn’t hard to imagine that if someone has a favourite team, it will be an object of a lot of attention from that fan/bettor.

How the team plays, important starters, crisis at the club, financial situation, how they play at home, how they play away from home, motivation, etc.

The fan/bettor has a much more detailed look over the club they prefer. That allows them to have much more qualified information about that team. Information that is not common sense on the sport news.

Well, this kind of information is worth gold in sports betting. Therefore, the fan, in that sense, might have a real advantage of knowledge and speed of obtaining information over the other bettors and bookmakers.

It isn’t rare, when we want to know reliable information about a team, to look for someone that roots for it. Of course, that some might argue that rooting and knowing is different from betting. That’s true, but here’s where the betting method comes into play.

The power of the method

Theoretically, the method should cancel out those influences and allow you to bet on any team without your preferences making a difference.

Wanting your team to win is one thing. Analysing rationally the strengths and variables involved on a match is another. But the most important thing is having the qualified information and that is what the fan already has.

If your method is allowing this kind of preference to get in the way of the analysis, maybe it’s time to perfect it. Everything in life is either affection or aversion… There is no way to control that.

The difference here is how your analysis’ method will mediate that relationship and cancel out the effects of your “fandom”.

Love it or leave it

This topic might help us discuss a much deeper issue: the emotions on sports betting. And messing with emotions is very relative. If that was true, we couldn’t bet on our favourite team, on our team’s rivals or on our national team. Or on that one team you hate for no reason… Or even worse, the team that made you lose a bet on the final minute.

Which bettor doesn’t have the well-known blacklists with teams and players that have made him so angry to the point of not betting on them ever again? That also involves feelings.

We are always loving or hating something for many different reasons. Therefore, will you stop betting on everything that involves strong feelings? Well, in that case there won’t be any team or league available for you to bet on.

Don’t buy this nonsense that tries to mask itself as deep knowledge on sports betting. These are just slogans, deprived of any substance.

Use the qualified information that you have about your favourite team to win some bets and money, or at least not to lose.

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