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Today I bring you another article where the topic is betting on corners and cards’ markets. A lot of people despise this “trend” or style, whatever you want to call it, but a lot of bettors opt for this approach – betting on corners and cards. Obviously, for this kind of bets, we first need to know what kind of bookmaker we can utilize to make these bets!

Obviously, I advise you that you should ALWAYS opt for the regulated market, because that’s the only way to make sure you are protected and safe. But we will approach this topic from the general aspect alias from the context of the international bookmakers.

Betting on corners and cards – Truth or Myth?: I’ll start to approach this topic by the following:

• Betting on cards and corners isn’t the same thing as betting on goals or handicaps.
• Bets on cards and corners don’t use the same statistical basis as the goals’ market for example.
• The cards’ market depends a lot on only one person, and also of what the match turns into, more or less violent – and I’m clearly speaking about the referee.
• The corners’ market also has to do with the teams’ dynamics, both their defensive and offensive ones. This situation is important to determine the correct lines or having the best perception of where the value is.

After a slight approach, I will divide the two markets and then to serve as conclusion, I will answer the question – Truth or Myth?

Betting on corners

As I’ve said previously, this market depends heavily on both the offensive and defensive characteristics of the teams. I’d say that the corners’ market is heavily utilized by bettors that know how to “read” the tactical aspects of the teams very well.

Former managers understand when the corner “method” is utilized or understand when a more offensive team also looks to get corners, a lot of times due to how distressed the opposition is.

Obviously on this field, I’m not the best person to be able to “speculate” here, but I know what I’ve learned from those that like this market and that here and there explain me the real value of these markets.

Betting on corners is really connected to the teams’ characteristics. Take a look at a couple of examples: Tottenham, they are a team of corners, right?

Well, it isn’t explicit, but take a look at your database and see the number of corners when Kane plays. It goes up doesn’t it? That’s a beautiful example I can offer you here for you to understand why it is important to know this market well and pay attention to details.

Another example, this one a bit older: remember the time when Jorge Jesus was Benfica’s manager and had Di Maria on the wing?

cantos 1

Remember how the team played quick on the counterattack and a lot of the time the opposition cleared the ball away for corners? That’s another great example. Let’s then summarize this particular aspect: betting on corners is a lot about analysing the teams’ behaviour, with or without that player that can influence those numbers.

It’s also about the perception of how the teams might fit each other. It wasn’t mindlessly that I said back there that the best bettors on corners and cards are a lot of times former managers.

Understanding the tactical “fitting” is important for the corners’ market, be it as a Punter or when betting live!

That’s right, I’ve spoken about Live – Betting on corners in-play is also an advantage, since you are watching the match, understanding what the teams can do or how they might react, maybe allowing the opposition to get more corners.

More examples?

Let’s look, for example, to a quiet match, without a lot of pace, that then has a goal, against the run of play.

That will make the other team chase the result, and if we are at the final minutes, the team that scored always opts not to overcomplicate things and nothing better than clearing the ball for a corner.

Yes, but everything depends of the real ability of the team that attacks and the team that defends! Knowing their DNA and studying their behaviour on several situations is very important so that you can take advantage at the right time of a maladjustment on the corners’ line, snatching odds above Evens and getting a beautiful winner at the end.

Opportunity – Yes, you must wait for the right opportunity. I’d say that on corners, in-play, the “value” is on finding the opportunity and knowing how to wait for the right time to go in and knowing how to value the “natural” maladjustment that the bookmaker offers regarding a possible likelihood of more corners happening.

In my opinion, the value on corners and what I can “work” better on is during the match. As Punter, I confess that it is too complicated for me to understand the fair line and see the real value of the lines that are offered to us!

I leave only 1 more advice on this question: watch matches, understand the DNA of the teams and study them and understand the way they behave during several “stages” of the match is IMPORTANT to profit on the corners’ market, especially LIVE.

Let’s move onto the conclusion and answer the question – truth or myth?

For me, it is no myth whatsoever, but yes, a fact – Betting on corners is like betting on “Overs” or the Asian handicap markets. The question you are already considering is – Can you profit?

You can, definitely! Especially in-play, because that’s where my experience can help you, or alias that my opinion is well sustained!

In-play a lot of the lines are really maladjusted and knowing how to wait, knowing the teams and knowing the moments of the match can allow you to extract a lot of value and a lot of winning bets.

Keep an eye out for the details I’ve mentioned here and before experimenting, just take a “look” at the lines and then see how the match, after a certain situation, “transformed” and understand the “concept” that I’ve tried to explain to you all!

It is not a myth. I consider that betting on corners is an absolute reality, but of course, that is not for everyone, especially because you need to have a lot of patience and know when and how to get in, and of course watch a lot of matches and know the DNA of the teams!

Betting on cards

Yes, let’s now speak about the cards’ market. Here I’m a “hybrid” person, enjoying both cases – Punter and in-play!

As punter, sometimes, with a great analysis, you can understand when the bookmakers are wrong regarding the number of cards in the match. Knowing and understanding how the referee reacts to the match and to the potential environment is important!

Knowing if the match will be rough or not, knowing if that player that normally gets a yellow card, like Pepe or Sergio Ramos or even Maxi Pereira! Understanding all of this and understanding the intensity of a match, we can extract a lot of value from the cards.

I’d say that comparing to the corners’ market, normally the pre-live line is fairer most of the times. I understand why the bookmakers tell me they also studied the lines offered well and they don’t often leave margin to “mess” with the match – as we would say, they have “fair lines”.

In-play the question is also different, when the match starts to have a lot of intensity, and when two players are “mad” at each other, two more cards are there to be given, adding to that customary yellow card of the final minutes, I’d say we have 3 more cards guaranteed.

Looking at the line, we find value with this analysis and handicap, being able to find odds above Evens, obviously depending of the minute we are at in the match.

cartoes 1

Once again, if you’re watching the match, you can understand the situations that will give us an edge over the bookmakers. If the odds are low, and we go into higher cards, that almost always allows us to cashout.

In my opinion and according to my experience, working on the cards’ market is somewhat more difficult than corners, or at least less linear I would say!

The uncertainty is bigger, and I would say that you need to be really good on this topic. The question of the referee is complicated to analyse, why? He doesn’t take part in press conferences; we don’t know how he will prepare and approach the match.

If he will control it right at the beginning or let the match “flow”. What we can look into is only conclusions, of how he normally acts in certain matches and if the weight of the match, or responsibility, results on him giving more cards!

Since this is one of the markets that I’m less comfortable with, only here and there taking a peek into it, and being influenced by that personal bias, I’d say that the questions of the cards’ market are for me a myth.

I say this because it is not for everyone, you really need to be very wise and understand this market in order to be able to work it well and gain a profit.

As a conclusion – in terms of the markets of corners and cards, I’ve said one is a myth and other as truth.

I’d say the cause for this conclusion is maybe my inability of taking advantage of the cards’ market, that I consider once again isn’t for everyone of us! As for the corners’ market, I’d say that it is more accessible, even because we are able to obtain more information when compared to the cards’ market.

A truth and a myth. I was split on this topic that is so delicate and heavily discussed on the world of online betting. I also ask you to leave your opinions/experiences down below on these markets and even some doubts that might appear after reading this article.

For now, that is all. See you on the next article and don’t forget to follow us on the social networks, as well as in our portal. Farewell and good luck!

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